Until Dawn™

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
Uključeno u PS Plus kolekciju (za PS Plus pretplatnike sa PS5™)

Download the digital edition of Until Dawn and delve into your group’s dark past in a bonus chapter part way through your story. Search for signs of what’s really going on, face new scares and unearth things which could drastically change the course of the following chapters.

Only Your Choices Determine Who Will Survive

When eight friends return to the isolated mountain lodge where two of their group disappeared exactly one year ago, things quickly turn sinister.
Gripped by fear and with tensions running high, you’ll have to make the difficult decisions that will mean life, or death, for each member of the group.

• See the impact of your choices and the path you’ve taken with the “butterfly effect” system.
• Play as each of the eight friends, all of who can live or die, based on your decisions – there are no do-overs.
• Endure spine-tingling scares brought to life by a Hollywood cast including Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, Nashville).

This product supports the following languages: English

The PlayStation Plus Collection

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