Politika otkazivanja prodavnice PlayStation Store

Your right to cancel and receive a refund depends on the type of product you have purchased from PlayStation™Store:

In addition to the rights set forth below, you may have additional rights under applicable local law; nothing in the policy below limits or replaces any such rights under local law.

Igre, dodaci za igre, potrošna roba u igri i sezonske propusnice

Igre i dodaci za igre


Možete otkazati kupovinu igre ili dodatka za igru u roku od 14 dana od datuma kupovine i dobiti povraćaj sredstava, pod uslovom da niste započeli preuzimanje ili strimovanje.

Igre ili dodaci za igre čije ste preuzimanje ili strimovanje započeli ne ispunjavaju uslove za povraćaj sredstava, osim ako nisu ispravni.

Potrošni resursi u igri


Potrošni resursi u igri su stavke kao što su virtuelni novac (napr., FIFA paketi ili GTA keš), pojačivači i drugi artikli koji se isprazne tokom igre.

Kada kupite potrošne resursi u igri u prodavnici PlayStation™Store van igre, oni će vam biti isporučeni kada sledeći put pokrenete igru. To znači da, pod uslovom da niste pokrenuli igru nakon kupovine, imate 14 dana od datuma kupovine da otkažete svoju kupovinu. Ako su vam potrošni resursi u igri isporučeni (na primer ako ste pokrenuli igru odmah nakon kupovine) nemate pravo na povraćaj, osim ukoliko su neispravni.

Ukoliko kupite potrošne resurse tokom igranja, oni će vam odmah biti isporučeni. To znači da nećete moći da otkažete kupovinu, osim ako je ono što ste kupili neispravno.


Sezonske propusnice


Možete otkazati kupovinu sezonske propusnice 14 dana od datuma kupovine i dobiti povraćaj sredstava. Međutim, ako ste započeli preuzimanje ili strimovanje bilo kog digitalnog artikla (npr., dodatka za igru) uključujući i sezonsku propusnicu nećete moći da otkažete kupovinu osima ako je neispravna.


You may cancel a pre-order of digital content at any time before the release date and receive a refund. If the release date has passed, you can still change your mind and request a refund up to 14 days after payment was taken for the pre-order, provided that you have not started downloading or streaming the content to your device.  See more information about cancelling a pre-order here.

Promotivni kompleti

Možete otkazati kupovinu promotivnog kompleta (npr., 3 igre po ceni 2) u roku od 14 dana od datuma kupovine i dobiti povraćaj, pod uslovom da niste započeli preuzimanje ili strimovanje nijednog dela paketa. U suprotnom nećete moći da dobijete povraćaj sredstava, osim ako neki deo kompleta nije neispravan.

Subscription Services

You can cancel your purchase of a subscription service and request a refund within 14 days from the initial transaction date, even after you start using the subscription. The refund may be reduced pro-rata to reflect the use you have had of the service. This may show as two transactions in your account transaction history: a refund to your wallet of the full amount originally paid and then a debit of a charge for the period of the service you received.

If you take advantage of a free trial when you sign up to a service, the 14-day cancellation period will commence on the day we accept your order of the free trial and the duration of the free trial will be included in the 14-day period. For example, you sign up for a free trial which lasts 7 days and your wallet is debited for the subscription at the end of the trial, you will have 7 days after your wallet was debited to cancel.

Note: When you purchase a subscription service such as PlayStation®Plus, you agree to a rolling subscription with periodic billing (e.g. annual billing). You can stop making payments at any time by turning off [Auto-renewal] (click here for more information) but, beyond the initial 14-day cancellation period, you will not receive a refund for payments already made. When you turn off [Auto-renewal], your subscription will continue until the next payment is due, at which point it will end.

Dopune novčanika

Ne možete otkazati PSN dopunu novčanika. Kada zatražite da dopunimo vaš PSN novčanik, pitamo vas za saglasnost da ga odmah dopunimo i zato ne možete otkazati dopunu.

Promena mrežnog ID

Možete se vratiti na prethodni mrežni ID besplatno , ali ne možete otkazati niti dobiti povraćaj sredstava za kupovinu promene mrežnog ID, osim ako je neispravan.

Kupovina van prodavnice PlayStation™Store

Ova politika ne pokriva povraćaje sredstava za kupovina van prodavnice PlayStation™Store, kao što su kupovne na PlayStation Direct, poklon-kartice ili vaučeri kupljeni u drugim prodavnicama.

Više o povraćajima sredstava i robe sa PlayStation Direct saznajte tako što ćete kliknuti ovde.

Further Information

We recommend that you take care when you top up your wallet or make a purchase on PlayStation™Store. A number of account features are available so you can keep track of your account activity.

To control the purchases made from the PlayStation™Store, via your account and console ensure you (i) use our password and passcode tools to control unauthorised log-in to and purchases via your account and (ii) if you have children, set up a separate account for each child and use our parental controls to limit their expenditure or prevent them shopping at all.

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How to request a Refund

To request a refund, simply contact us.  You’ll need to have the following to hand;

  • Your PSN Online ID
  • Your Sign-In ID (Email Address)
  • Your Date of Birth
  • The name of the purchase you would like refunded

We will process your refund request as quickly as possible, but it could take up to 72 hours for us to verify your claim.  If you have started downloading the game to your console, your request will be declined and we will notify you of this.

You may also request a refund by using the form located here. You may want to refer to the purchase confirmation email you received when you made your purchase in order to complete this form.