WWE '12

  • PS3

The WWE experience you’ve been demanding has arrived.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: Yukes
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    • Discover fresh, fluid and strategic gameplay that looks, feels and plays better than ever before. 
    • Witness the most realistic wrestlers and the best looking in-ring action to date.
    • Create spectacular entrances, devastating finishing moves and all new capabilities, then go online via PlayStation Network to share your creations with the WWE universe.
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    Beautiful bouts

    In an explosion of fireworks, WWE '12 has arrived on PlayStation 3 - and fans of World Wrestling Entertainment will feel right at home. Transporting the spectacular sights and sounds of larger than life sports entertainment straight into your living room, WWE '12 is just as flashy as it is fun.

    From a roster of over 60 Superstars, Divas and Legends you'll find it easy to pick out your favourites due to the fantastic likeness to their real-life counterparts. The mannerisms and wrestling styles of these giant athletes are captured with flair, as they mock each other during bouts, react to painful moves and get pumped up by the crowd.

    Not only can you enjoy the glossy TV style presentation, which includes impressive TitanTron ring entrances and full commentary by Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, WWE '12 can also be changed in a variety of ways to suit your tastes. Want to switch the current champions? What about altering the SmackDown, Raw and ECW rosters? It's all yours to personalise.

    Bigger, badder, better - the full sports entertainment experience is at your fingertips, so make sure you get to grips with it on PS3.

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    A world of hurt

    How are your grappling skills? Time to put them to the test with WWE '12 on PlayStation 3, where you'll be battling it out against "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry, Triple H the Cerebral Assassin and dozens of other World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars, Divas and Legends.

    Don't feel too intimidated by these massive athletes - WWE '12 puts them entirely under your control. An in-game manual teaches you the basics as well as offering definitions of the skills and special abilities you'll encounter in the ring. And with the option to jump straight into an exhibition bout or take on a lengthier campaign you'll be slamming the opposition and performing a Finisher in no time.

    You feel every strike and submission in the fast moving matchups, thanks to intuitive controls which allow you to slap, tackle and sling your opponent around. Get into a grapple, throw them into an Irish Whip and then roll them out the ring. As each battle can take you anywhere from backstage to the locker room, it pays to keep on your toes and learn the reversal system to counter the blows aimed at you.

    Make sure you're methodical in your attacks too, as button bashing won't get you very far in WWE '12. Making full use of the targeting system to aim for your foe's weaker body parts can be the swiftest way to victory - after all, damaged legs can't run and battered arms can't grapple.

    It's not just the wrestling you'll enjoy, either. All the soap opera theatrics of sports entertainment are here, from the outrageous storylines where you have to fulfil objectives to progress, to watching ambushes unfold during a promo interview. Managers can be ejected from a bout by the referee if he or she interferes too much, while vendettas between wrestlers add an element of the unexpected, as rivals rush into your matchups without warning.

    Do you have the stamina to survive a Royal Rumble? Or the talent to succeed on the epic Road to Wrestlemania? Take your best shot at fame and glory in WWE '12.

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    Grapple a group of mates

    WWE '12 on PlayStation 3 is the perfect wrestling feast for friends, offering a giant-sized locker room of options. Up to six players can jump into modes such as a six-man ladder match, and you can customise your favourite conditions to create the ultimate WWE bout. No Disqualifications, Money in the Bank, Hell in a Cell and many more modes are all available to enjoy with your mates.

    Personalisation doesn't stop there, either. You can create your own arenas, storylines and wrestling rings to make matches even more interesting. And should one of the many Superstars, Divas and Legends not take your fancy, you can also create your very own rampaging ring star, with a massive choice of looks, moves and Finishers to pick from.

    There's nothing better than crafting your own WWE mat master, with a custom-built TitanTron entrance video, uniquely designed tattoo and soundtrack taken from your PlayStation 3 system's XMBTM Menu. Then you can pit him or her against your friends' creations and save the best highlights for supreme bragging rights.

    All of your creations can be uploaded to PlayStation Network to share with other WWE fans online. And if you want to see what everyone else has been crafting in the WWE '12 universe, you can download user generated content, as well as new characters and other goodies, from the in-game shop on PlayStation Store.

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