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In Warhawk, you’re always somebody’s prey.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Incognito Entertainment

    Take to the air and wreak havoc in the most advanced machine in the fleet - the Warhawk - as Incognito Entertainment brings ferocious online combat to PlayStation 3. Fight on foot, in ground vehicles, or soar through the skies in the Warhawk itself as you take part in huge multiplayer battles across PlayStation Network.

    Offering online play exclusively via PlayStation Network, Warhawk provides expansive, next generation multiplayer combat of amazing magnitude - however you prefer to approach the battle. A variety of gameplay modes allow for plenty of strategy, all set within a vast environment that makes full use of the power of PS3.

    Steer the Warhawk in flight using the roll, pitch and yaw motion controls of the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller, and relay instructions and co-ordinate your squad actions by using a USB or Bluetooth headset. Attacks will come from all angles. You rest for a second. Now it’s your turn to decide if you’re the hunter…or the prey.

    • Available on PlayStation Store by download and/or on Blu-ray Disc
    • Fight on foot, in ground vehicles or in the sky and create or join online sessions for up to 32 fighters via broadband*
    • Join an expansive online community with full team support, rankings and communications tools

    * Subscription to PlayStation Network is free of charge. Broadband internet service required for online play. Players responsible for broadband access fees. Warhawk software and PlayStation 3 system available for purchase from normal retail outlets and/or PlayStation Store. PlayStation Network subject to terms of use and not available in all countries and languages: see eu.playstation.com/terms. Players under 18 require parental consent.

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    Fight the good fight

    Battle on land or take to the skies with Warhawk on PlayStation®3.

    A launch title for PS one®, the original Warhawk was a critical hit thanks to its excellent aerial combat system, top notch graphics and awesome weaponry. Now Warhawk arrives for PlayStation®3, and brings the experience into the next generation by offering a multiplayer game like never before.

    Built from the ground up as a multiplayer-only game, Warhawk operates under a simple premise: let players loose in a huge online battlefield, supply them with a vast array of weapons, vehicles and fortifications and let them run wild.

    World Wide Warhawk

    There are five maps each consisting of five sections, resulting in a total of 25 maps for you to battle your friends in, and you can choose at the start of the game which sections you want open. Each of the levels is vast, and offers a different experience for online battles. Archipelago is a group of tropical islands floating high in the air with a giant castle in the middle, the Badlands is a desert canyon area with little civilization and a huge fortress, and the Destroyed Capitol map is at the top of skyscrapers in the ruins of a city. The maps are completed by the Island Outpost, a military outpost with bases on each end and Eucadia, a mountainous group of islands, linked by bridges, with scattered villages and a large statue overlooking the map. Each one offers its own unique visual style and challenges, with enough variety to make sure you never get bored.

    Of course, you won't have to negotiate the maps on foot - there are three major vehicles available to both sides. First and foremost is the Warhawk, a fighter jet that can switch between hover mode and regular flight. Warhawks come equipped with machine guns and a selection of collectible missile types scattered around the map, ranging from homing missiles to aerial mines, cluster bombs and lightning guns.

    Foot soldiers looking to get around more quickly have a couple of options open to them. First are the jeeps, which can take up to three soldiers (driver, passenger, gunner), and offer a speedy, hard to hit target, and second are the tanks, a much slower, but more powerful vehicle, good for attacking enemy bases.

    Game on

    There are five game options; the standard Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag, alongside Zones - a mode where captured territory equals points - and Dogfight, a purely aerial-based deathmatch scenario. All of these games can be played by up to 32 players simultaneously and players are also able to play with up to three friends in the same game on one PlayStation®3 thanks to a split screen mode. How you play is up to you - you can join other people's servers or create your own, and fine tune the experience down to the tiniest detail.

    The control system is extremely intuitive, meaning you can jump in straight away and get battling online. Movement is handled by simply tilting the SIXAXIS™ Wireless Controller or using the analogue sticks; missile lock-on is dealt with by pressing L1 and you can switch weapons easily with the directional buttons. After a few minutes' play, despite the wide range of commands open to you, you'll feel completely comfortable with the controls. It's a good thing too, as playing Warhawk online is a truly next generation experience. A full 32-player game will see the skies teeming with enemy ships barrel-rolling and afterburning their way across the gorgeously rendered levels and the sheer pace and energy of the combat can be breathtaking.

    Available as a download, or on Blu-ray Disc™ bundled with a Jabra Bluetooth Headset, Warhawk is one of the most compelling, customisable and downright fun multiplayer experiences you can have, and the perfect game to show off the online power of PlayStation®3.

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      2-4 Players

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    Online servers for this game will be shut down on 31st January 2019 at 08:00am GMT. As Warhawk is an online-only title, this shutdown means that the game will no longer be playable unless the PS3 system is set to LAN mode, as only local network play will function.