Uncharted: Golden Abyss™

Uncover the dark secret behind the massacre of a Spanish expedition to Central America 400 years ago.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Bend Studio
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    • Join Nathan Drake on an epic journey through undiscovered lands as he makes his debut on PS Vita.
    • Utilize all the intuitive controls of PS Vita to jump, swing, slide and traverse through a cinematic adventure displayed in amazing detail on the stunning five inch touchscreen.
    • Use either the dual analog sticks and buttons or the PS Vita system's interactive control features to best complement your playing style.
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    Jungle fever

    Have you found Drake's Fortune, spent time Among Thieves or uncovered the mystery behind Drake's Deception and are still looking for more gripping Uncharted action? Then grab your PlayStation Vita and ready yourself for Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Nathan Drake's thrilling first foray into portable gaming.

    Set prior to the events of the action-packed Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on PlayStation 3, this prequel from developer Sony Bend Studio tasks you with uncovering the dark secret behind the massacre of a Spanish expedition to Central America some 400 years ago.

    Caught between the rivalry of old friend, Jason Dante, and Marisa Chase, the granddaughter of an archaeologist who mysteriously vanished, you're going to have to traverse ancient ruins and treacherous jungle terrain in a bid to find out the truth.

    Do you think you have what it takes to venture deep into the Golden Abyss on PS Vita? Then here is your chance to prove it.

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    Colourful cast

    Uncharted: Golden Abyss features an intriguing cast of characters for you to spend time with, none more so than the series' hero, Nathan Drake voiced by acclaimed video game actor, Nolan North.

    The globe-trotting treasure hunter is joined in this latest instalment in the blockbuster series by two characters welcomed into the Uncharted universe for the first time - Jason Dante and Marisa Chase.

    Dante is an old friend of Drake and Victor ‘Sully' Sullivan. In fact, it was Drake that taught Dante all he knows about treasure hunting, so they share a lot of history together and this richly developed background shines through in the witty banter penned by the team at Sony Bend Studio and overseen by Uncharted creators, Naughty Dog.

    Joining the duo on their quest is Marisa Chase, a feisty explorer and granddaughter of an archaeologist who went missing while searching for the same answers as Drake and his companions. And like every character in this brilliantly realised world on PlayStation, Marisa has got secrets, so be prepared for plenty of twists and turns as the story hurtles towards its epic conclusion.

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    A new way to play

    Uncharted: Golden Abyss on PS Vita features the same spectacular action that can be found in its big brother on PlayStation 3, only now you can play it anywhere and any time in amazing detail, thanks to the stunning OLED screen.

    You can jump, swing, slide and traverse the jaw-dropping environments using either the PS Vita system's dual analog sticks or a combination of both these and the engrossing and intuitive controls, such as the rear touch pad or touchscreen.

    When using the touchscreen to climb a wall or cliff edge, you simply slide your finger along the designated route and Drake will follow your commands. You can also use the touchscreen to take down unsuspecting enemies. To do this, sneak up behind an opponent and tap the screen when prompted to perform a deadly stealth kill.

    These fantastic new touchscreen features add a whole new depth of gameplay to the experience on PS Vita that, while taking a little getting used to at the outset, offer up one of the most engrossing Uncharted adventures on PlayStation to date.

    • Dual Analog Sticks

      Dual Analog Sticks

    • Players

      1 Players

    • Rear Touch Pad

      Rear Touch Pad

    • Front Touchscreen

      Front Touchscreen

    • Rear Camera

      Rear Camera

    • Memory Card Required

      Memory Card Required

    • Motion Sensor

      Motion Sensor


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