Trine 2™

  • PS3

Stunning beauty meets perilous puzzle platforming.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Atlus Software
  • Developer: Frozenbyte
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    • Travel alone or with friends into a gorgeous looking world brimming with potent magic and thrilling adventure.
    • Use the unique skills and weapons of the knight, rogue and wizard to make your way through each level.
    • Team up with friends via PlayStation Network in three-player co-operative missions.
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    Three is the magic number

    Combining side-scrolling platform action with fun-packed puzzles, Trine 2 is a fast-moving adventure full of treasure to collect and treacherous enemies to destroy.

    The key to success is learning to match each of the game’s three heroes to the task at hand. Flicking between the wizard, the knight and the thief at the press of a button, it’s amazing how quickly you can master each character’s unique abilities. Then it’s up to you to adapt to each new obstacle, enemy or hazard that gets in your way.

    Need to cross a pit of nasty looking spikes? Use Amadeus the wizard to conjure a platform or levitate that huge boulder sitting on the far side. Want to release a weight dangling from a distant pulley? Zoya the thief can send an arrow whistling through the rope that holds it in place. Menaced by a troop of huge, bloodthirsty tarantulas? Time to unleash the brutal fighting force of Pontius the knight.

    The ingeniously designed environments are full of objects and items that you can move, manipulate and put to work, not to mention hidden collectibles that can increase your characters’ powers. To complete the quest you’ll need to marshal all your skill and imagination to solve the puzzles in your path – and it’s immensely satisfying to do so.

    Trine 2 screenshot

    The spell is cast

    Trine 2 takes place in a spectacular storybook world populated by all manner of man-eating monsters and lethal booby traps. As you sprint, swing, slash, leap and clamber through each lushly detailed stage of your quest, you’ll be hard-pressed not to stop and look around – it’s that stunning. Whether battling goblins in a sun-dappled woodland glade or sliding across laundry lines above a starlit town square, it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate the other-worldly beauty of your surroundings.

    Each of the playable characters and every enemy you encounter are equally breathtaking, fluidly animated and set off by impressive effects that amplify the magic all around them. All the while, a sparkling musical score by the acclaimed Finnish studio of Ari Pulkkinen sets the scene for a fantasy adventure of spellbinding proportions.

    Trine 2 screenshot

    United we stand

    Trine 2 adds a superb extra dimension with its Multiplayer Mode, which is playable offline or online via PlayStation Network with up to two friends or fellow fans.

    In multiplayer games, all three heroes can join the adventure at the same time, making co-operation vital if you’re to solve puzzles and complete the quest. While you’re swinging from the rafters and firing flaming arrows as Zoya the thief, your mates can be bashing goblins and casting spells as Pontius and Amadeus.

    It’s a totally different way to experience the action: after all, triple the players equals triple the chaos – and triple the fun.

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