Top Spin

World class tennis smashes onto PlayStation 2's court, backed up by a volley of the world's best players.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Developer: PAM Development

    Having already received major acclaim on PC and other formats, 2K Sports' tennis spectacular Top Spin has now served its ultimate ace, taking game, set and match with its PlayStation 2 debut. Featuring the likenesses of top names in the tennis world, including Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Venus Williams and Carlos Moya, Top Spin is a must for sports fans and anyone who has ever dreamt of centre court fame.

    Highly realistic, Top Spin recreates the intensity of tennis, putting you into the midst of the on-court action as you progress from an amateur to the world's number one. Develop your own tennis pro (who, thanks to EyeToy face recognition, could be you) before taking your talent online.

    Top Spin reads like a who's who of the tennis world, with 16 professional players launching lawn-scorching serves in your direction. To become the number one seed against such elite competition will require you to master all the shots, including slices, lobs, drops, spins and several trick shots, and perfect your play on surfaces such as clay, hard court and grass.

    Alongside skill and ability, you can develop your own distinct image in Top Spin. Use EyeToy to put yourself in the game, and watch as your pump your fist after a great shot, or even slam your racket to the ground and argue bad calls. Such touches take Top Spin out of the class of an average tennis game and put it firmly onto the pro circuit.

    If this wasn't already enough to earn a place among the tennis elite, you can do the same with friends via online play, competing with Top Spin players the world over.


    • Incredible realism and scope for personalisation

    • 16 professional players, including Sharapova and Federer

    • Put your face in the game with EyeToy

    • Take your matches online, competing with friends


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      1-2 Players

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      1-2 Player Types

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