SHIFT extended

  • Also on PS3

A unique platform puzzle game arrives on PSP and PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: TBC
  • Publisher: Zallag
  • Developer: Fishing Cactus
  • Also on PS3
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  • Turn your brain upside down in this best-selling title updated for PSP and PS3.
  • Twice the content of the original.
  • Includes special features and gameplay mechanics.

Parental guidance recommended.

Shift Extended screenshot

Turn your world upside down

At first glance, SHIFT Extended looks like a straight forward platform game. Once you enter the first level, though, you realise that it is so much more - it's a complex and exciting brain exercise.

Shifting completely twists the level, which at first can be easy to visualise. Work through the increasingly difficult levels and you'll find yourself shifting through complex mazes and discovering a network of unpredictable, intricate paths.

Everything is either black or white, and the colour of Test Subject 12378 will change accordingly as you shift between them. This simple presentation allows the world to be reversed instantly and seamlessly. There are over 100 topsy-turvy levels to work through, which, when coupled with the extensive puzzles, make SHIFT Extended mind-bogglingly interesting.

This unique title will make you think about the unusual task ahead and appreciate what's not immediately visible on-screen.

Shift Extended screenshot

Bottoms up!

Before he entered SHIFT Extended, Test Subject 12378 never found getting from one place to another such an intricate and challenging task.

Luckily for him, you're on hand to help him find a safe path to the exit. As well as jumping on the various platforms and blocks that build up each puzzle, you can alter reality by shifting to another section and completely reversing the level. Your character and the entire level itself will be spun around and twisted upside down: ground becomes air, up becomes down and left becomes right. Shifting presents a brand new challenge and allows you to find new ways to reach the exit.

A new puzzle with a fresh layout is presented in each level for you to shift your way through. In later levels, new concepts are introduced such as moving platforms and Shift-Impermeable Fabric that acts as a barrier between the black and white areas. In this case, you might have to manoeuvre Test Subject 12378 to different keys and buttons to unlock particular areas or locate new platforms to solve your mission.

Try out the endless possibilities in these twisting challenges and you will soon realise that each level has unlimited solutions. Which path will you take?

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