Section 8

  • PS3

On the war-torn planets of tomorrow, mankind's greatest battle is about to begin.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: TimeGate Studios, Inc.
  • Developer: TimeGate Studios, Inc.
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    • Spawning never gets old when you burn-in to battle from 15,000 feet and choose anywhere on the map to land.
    • Dynamic Combat Missions alter the flow of battle and remove all predictability - you will never play the same game twice.
    • Call in units such as tanks and mech suits to gain a strategic advantage as you advance on the enemy.
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    Space marines

    In Section 8, you play as a new kind of warrior in a new kind of war. Set in the distant future, the game throws you into the heat of battle where breakneck action meets military strategy. As a member of the 8th Armored Infantry (which has been nicknamed Section 8) and the Arm of Orion your goal is to defeat swarms of enemies in squad-based combat scenarios across a number of game maps, each of which feature their own objectives.

    Deployed from the skies by hulking battleships, you have a huge arsenal at your disposal to assist you in smashing your alien enemies once and for all. So suit up solider, and prepare for a space battle like no other in Section 8 available to download from PlayStation Store.

    Section 8 screenshot

    Master the maps

    Whilst Section 8 is predominately a multiplayer game where up to 32 players can battle it out on one of the multiple maps, it also features a single player campaign where you take on the role of trooper, Alex Corde. Entitled Corde's Story, the single player mode allows you to play through each of the maps available in the game's multiplayer mode.

    By playing through and completing the various objectives laid out for you in single player, you'll be able to get to grips with the game's controls more efficiently. It's the best way to prepare yourself for just how fast and furious Section 8 becomes when you start competing against friends and other players via PlayStation Network.

    One of the most interesting abilities is how you spawn on a map, so take advantage of it. Section 8 lets you soar through the air on your way to the battlefield thanks to the trusty jetpack attached to your suit. When you reach a certain altitude you can then slow down by pressing the X button and guide yourself to a landing spot using the left and right stick. If you're feeling brave (and cheeky), why not land on an enemy's head?

    Section 8 screenshot

    Battle of the planets

    Conquered the single player campaign? Think your trigger finger is fast enough? Then it's time to tackle Section 8's multiplayer mode where 32 players engage in space warfare. Here, you play in teams as you and your teammates try to capture and hold various points located around the map. The more points on the map you hold, the higher your score will rise. Fill the score counter set out on each map and your team win the match.

    If it all sounds too easy, it's actually not. Section 8 is a game that requires teamwork, and lots of it. Once you have captured a point you then need to hold on to it, otherwise an enemy can simply snatch it from under your nose and take the points for themselves.

    This is where strategy in Section 8 becomes a deep part of how you play and master the game. Always ensure your posts are guarded once you've captured them, and be sure to make use of deployable weapons such as tanks and mechs during some of the more intense shoot-outs; they could end up saving your life and winning the match for you.

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