Second Sight

Double-take a look at Codemasters' psychic adventure Second Sight, a telekinetic trip through a murky world...

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Codemasters
  • Developer: Free Radical

    Codemasters and TimeSplitters developer Free Radical unleash the power of the mind with psychological thriller Second Sight, an action-packed paranormal adventure following the splintered story of John Vattic - a man desperately trying to unravel the mysteries of his past.

    Harness amazing psychic abilities as Dr John Vattic and levitate, project and blast bad guys out of your path with a mere flick of the wrist. In Free Radical's artful blend of third person shoot 'em up, stealth and action game, you'll piece together the fragments of Vattic's past and attempt to uncover the person or persons responsible for putting the Dr in a coma, and imbuing him with remarkable powers.

    Told in a now familiar non-linear narrative style (stand up Forbidden Siren, Silent Hill 3 et al), Second Sight sees you struggling to make sense of your situation, whilst evading capture long enough to find some answers.

    As the story unfolds, you'll gain more and more abilities which will aid you, including Telekinesis (for moving objects to distract guards, or even moving the guards themselves) Healing (the power to replenish flagging health), Projection (possess other characters and manipulate them for your own ends), Charm (convince people nearby that you're not there - otherwise known as being invisible) and Psi-blast - a wonderfully destructive weapon which sends a shockwave in the direction of enemies.

    You'll also explore the back-story of Vattic's past in the form of flashbacks, and have the opportunity to affect future outcomes with decisions made in the past.


    • Harness devastatingly powerful psychic moves such as Psi-blast, Projection, Charm and Heal

    • Piece together Vattic's story through a non-linear adventure which blends third person shoot 'em up, stealth and action elements

    • As well as psychic abilities, fend off enemies with an arsenal of conventional weapons, including a sniper rifle


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      1 Players

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