Savage Moon™

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  • PS3

Can you survive the space bug onslaught?

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: FluffyLogic

    Savage Moon sees you protecting a remote off-world mining facility from waves of ravenous space bugs, looking to consume everything in their path. Armed with a fearsome array of defensive weapons, your mission is to take your choice of the finest armaments known to humankind and keep the facility safe by strategically placing these guns which then automatically fire at their targets.

    Will you select the dependable rapid-fire machine gun? The intimidating Chaos Tower? Or opt for another item taken from the range of destructive weaponry at your disposal? Choose carefully, as each one has to be manually positioned for the greatest effectiveness in destroying the increasing waves of monstrous insects.

    You are the only hope left on this Savage Moon.

    • Upgrade your weapons to increase their size and firepower, and research even more devastating technologies to aid your mission
    • Devise your defence from a massive array of strategies - choose power over speed, or block routes to put the space bugs in the firing line for longer
    • Compete for the highest scores against the best planet Earth has to offer in global online ranking boards
    Savage Moon screenshot

    Bugging out

    A remote off-world mining facility has come under threat from ravenous space bugs - and you're its only hope for survival. Think you can outwit an onslaught of monstrous insects? It's harder than it looks...

    For once, Earth isn't under attack by alien creatures. The planet every malevolent creature seemingly wants to take over and enslave isn't the subject of Savage Moon - instead, a remote off-world mining facility is the victim. Set upon by a swarm of deadly space insects, called Insectocytes, you're in charge of commanding the defence against this terrible threat. Better put your best strategy hat on...

    Savage sci-fi

    Savage Moon is all about making good planning decisions within a short space of time. A timer ticks down to oncoming waves of Insectocytes, which means you have a brief amount of time to place auto firing weapon towers in key positions on the landscape.

    There is also the option to research more advanced technologies, which brings you better weapons, equipment and upgrades - a necessity as the different types of Insectocytes start to attack, such as the heavier armoured Gargantuan ground troops, the fast moving Sprinters and the airborne Flyers.

    Tactical decisions making comes in the form of tower placement, the type you use (will you select the fast firing Machine Gun Tower? The slow but powerful Laser Tower? More Anti Air Towers to battle the aerial threat?) and also taking advantage of the many different variables that can mean the difference between victory and defeat...

    Mine, mine mine

    Beneath Savage Moon's sci-fi exterior lies a heart of intricate micro management that's essential to master. The destruction of each Insectocyte unit gives you more money to spend on defences, while you can also gain quick funds by prematurely forcing an invading wave to attack before the timer runs down. Naturally you have to be ready to cope with such an early onslaught or your gamble will be for nothing.

    Similarly, you can change the bias of your Command skills which can increase your Credit, Damage and Armour, making one more effective, at the cost of the other two's efficiency. There is also a selection of non-attacking towers to use, with Blocking, Repair and Amp variations offering the ability to block routes, repair, and amplify your towers, respectively.

    Offensive towers can be placed directly in the path of Insectocytes to create a temporary blocking and attacking effect, which also makes them easier to destroy by the aggressive space bugs. So there are multiple strategies to employ across the four main zones and 12 levels, making sure that even if you fail in your task there are plenty of other ways to achieve success.

    All the space you ever need

    Savage Moon combines high quality visuals with compulsive and challenging gameplay, providing a real sense of satisfaction in creating the perfect strategy. And if you eventually fight off all the Insectocytes in the main mode, there's the Vengeance Mode which pits you against endless waves of tougher beasties for a high score, and global online ranking boards to compete against other players.

    The space bugs are waiting for any sign of weakness. Take command and show them how Savage you can be...

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