Rayman® Origins

  • Also on PS3

Discover the magic of movement in this iconic adventure.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: TBC
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Also on PS3
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  • Explore a vast, vibrant playground containing more than 100 colourful characters and 60 absorbing levels.
  • Put the skills you learn along the way to the test in epic, end-of-level boss battles.
  • Revisit your old stomping grounds to race against a ghost who seems to know every hidden shortcut.
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A ray of light

If this is your first experience in the wacky world of Rayman, prepare yourself for a treat. Rayman Origins on PlayStation Vita is an incredible explosion of vibrant colour and cartoon-quality action that will bring a smile to anyone's face.

Set in the fanciful Glade of Dreams, Rayman Origins is a charming 2D adventure that transports you to lush forests, deadly deserts and serene underwater caverns. Each environment is full of personality and detail, with beautiful butterflies, crazy characters and memorable moments at every step.

The gorgeous, hand-drawn style perfectly suits the heroes of the hour too, as Rayman and his friends come to vivid life on the PS Vita system's brilliant OLED screen. Watch them bounce from the foreground of a level into its background, and vice versa, without missing a beat - it's a dazzling effect.

Accompanying you on your travels is a jazzy, upbeat soundtrack that subtly changes as you progress, driving you on to make the next discovery in this treasure trove of entertainment. Rayman Origins is a lively show of just how beautiful 2D gaming can be on PS Vita.

Rayman Origins screenshot

The magic of movement

Rayman Origins on PlayStation Vita is a journey that you won't want to end. Set in a magical world of imaginative 2D, this Ubisoft title is all about surprising you with fresh gameplay whenever it can.

Things start off simple - choosing from an initially small selection of characters, including Rayman and his best friend Globox, your task is to restore the Glade of Dreams to its former, haven-like glory. This can only be achieved by rescuing a number of captured Electoons and freeing Betilla the Nymph and her sisters over 60 levels of platforming beat ‘em up action.

After a few tutorial style stages that introduce you to the basics, you're thrown into a mixture of scenarios involving defeating enemies, surfing, gliding, swimming and even riding a mosquito. The variety of inventive tasks keeps you guessing in your quest, and you're rewarded for any exploration and experimentation.
The PlayStation Vita system's features come in handy as well. You pinch and pull the touchscreen to zoom the game camera in and out, or tap it to pop on-screen bubbles to finish off enemies and collect secret or trapped items.

Touches like these make Rayman Origins stand out. You'll have a blast discovering new secrets, unlocking more playable characters and bouncing around the colourful environments. And if the challenge it poses isn't enough, there's also a Ghost mode which allows you to download other players' best performances and race them to the end. Think you have an unbeatable time on your favourite level? Why not upload it via PlayStation Network and let others have a crack at beating it?

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