Pro Foosball™

  • PS3

Warm up your PlayStation Move muscles, the new table football season is about to begin.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Arcade / Sports
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Quirkat
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    • Play out your virtual career on a host of unique tables using your own formations and tactics – from hit-and-hope hoofing and tiki-taka total football, to bamboozling trick shots and unstoppable power drives.
    • Embark on a 15-match season in the Foos Championship, enjoy single and multiplayer match days in Kickabout, bend the rules of Foosball and nature in Foos Madness and train to win in the Skill Centre.
    • Customise your match day experience with different tables, balls, formations, rules, difficulty settings and camera angles.
    Pro Foosball Featured Image

    Get those wrists limbered up

    First things first – PlayStation Move takes centre stage here. Although you can control the table with a wireless controller, the frantic spinning gameplay of foosball makes a perfect match for the motion controller. The table, ball and players have all been accurately modelled to get as close an experience to real foosball as possible, and all without leaving the comfort of your house. Which is handy.

    Of course, you don't have to stick to real foosball; in addition to quick match Kickabout mode and the ongoing campaign of the Foos Championship (where you ascend the ranks of local foosball players to achieve global foos stardom), there's Foos Madness, which takes the normal rules of foosball and bends them until they're barely recognisable anymore.

    Want to play in a low-gravity arena? That can be arranged. How about stripping the sides off the table, making each kick a perilous gamble? That's a thing that can happen. Magnetic feet? Frictionless surfaces? Ultra-long tables? The laws of time and space, in regards to foosball at least, are at your beck and call.

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    Tweak every knob

    Pro Foosball takes every conceivable element of foosball and puts them under your control – sure, you can change what type of ball you play with, and you can tweak the little footballer dudes that spend their lives valiantly defending your honour (and goal) from their positions on rotating metal rods, and that's not all.

    Bored of playing in grubby common rooms and arcades of dubious quality? You can drag the table out to the beach, if you'd like. Or a ski lodge. Or a tiki hut. Or slap bang in the middle of a street party. That's just the sort of person you are in Pro Foosball. A maverick.

    Ever caught yourself staring at a foosball table and thinking how the formations are all wrong, and that if you could only rearrange the rotary sport kebabs that determine the team placement, you'd do much better? Thanks to the virtual world of Pro Foosball, that's a thing you can do. You can turtle up and go heavy on the defence, or shove everyone forward and make a grab for decisive possession early on. It's up to you.

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    Gather round the table

    The magic of foosball has always been getting together with your friends and having an indoor kickabout, and that's true here too. While there's a range of computer-controlled opponents with skills ranging from Rookie to Diabolical, you're always going to have more fun playing with your mates.

    Four players can play at once, with two taking control of each team and switching between rows of players automatically as the ball travels near them. If you want to squeeze in a bit of practice befrore your friends come round, there's a skill centre to take you through the controls – from the basic stuff like passing and shooting to advanced techniques such as a Snake Shots, Bounce Shots and spinning the poles round and and round to form an impenetrable defence until you get sent off for fouling – and a free play practice mode to hone your abilities.

    All the multiplayer's local, too, so you can crowd around your TV and jostle for superiority just like in the old days.

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