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Reluctant superhero Cole MacGrath returns for the second electrifying chapter in the best selling PlayStation 3 franchise.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Sucker Punch
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    • Explore an immersive open world adventure which offers a powerful, emotional, and visceral take on being a superhero.
    • Bring down buildings and massive structures with explosive city-wrecking super powered combat.
    • Experience an epic storyline where Cole must make a dramatic journey to discover his full super-powered potential after being blamed for the destruction of Empire City.
    • Explore the world of inFamous 2 and take a trip to Empire City in PlayStation Home* and try your hand at the exciting Reaper Shock mini-game.
    • Enjoy unlimited possibilities by creating your own unique missions with the User Generated Content feature, then share them via PlayStation Network.

    *Please note that PlayStation Home is only available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

    inFamous 2 UGC screenshot

    Fall of the Empire

    Life as a superhero is anything but easy. For an unassuming bicycle courier infused with incredible electric powers, the burden of responsibility can sometimes be too much. In inFamous 2, you must decide which path reluctant hero Cole MacGrath travels down – good or bad, come what may.

    Ripped apart by an explosion of volcanic ferocity, Empire City is lost, and Cole, beating a desperate retreat to New Marais in the Deep South, has the blame thrust upon him. Yet following him is the real culprit: a city-vaporising entity known as The Beast, intent on wiping Cole – and everything along the way – out.    

    Cole needs to recuperate, regroup and recharge. The key to accessing even deeper reserves of superhuman energy lies with a New Marais scientist named Dr Wolfe, whose pain at the loss of Empire City drives his research into new powers. First, though, Cole must get to grips with New Marais, a frothing cauldron of tension, greed and street battles stirred by the iron hand of militia leader Joseph Bertrand III.

    Unravelling the truth behind The Beast, Cole must harness his growing power and choose whether to save the world or lead it into oblivion. In inFamous 2, Cole’s choice is yours – only on PlayStation 3.

    InFamous 2 screenshot

    Melt into New Marais

    From the very first, stylised cutscene, you’re left in no doubt that inFamous 2 is a game with an atmosphere to match Cole MacGrath’s supercharged talents. The striking artistic flair of developer Sucker Punch draws you into a heaving world of contrasts thanks to evocative visuals which grab your attention and never let go.

    Pitiful slums with their rat-infested storm drains and rotting tenements throw the bright lights of central New Marais into sharp relief. The political elite mingle with petty criminals and militiamen – and with up to 100 characters depicted on your screen at once, the sense of being at the centre of a seething mass of people is expertly maintained.

    Cole’s elastic free running skills ensure that he can quickly escape this throng of humanity. Vaulting, darting and leaping across the skyline of New Marais, nothing is out of bounds, whether it’s the dilapidated spire of St Ignatius’ church or the humming power lines that criss-cross this vast city.

    Slick motion capture techniques ensure Cole is the undoubted, quicksilver star of inFamous 2 – yet New Marais, his stunning playground, runs him close.    

    inFamous 2 UGC screenshot

    Karma is king

    Simmering with hostility, the streets of New Marais present you with moral dilemmas around every corner. As Cole MacGrath, you alone have the strength to clean up the city and confront The Beast. Then again, after seeing your best efforts to save Empire City backfire, why make the same mistake twice?

    You might stumble into a gun battle, for instance, between Bertrand’s mob and the local boys in blue. A quick decision is needed: do you side with the militia or the law? You’ll help one faction secure a patch of the city while becoming a marked man for the other. It’s a question of taking sides, each bringing special advantages.

    Your experience morphs around you according to the choices you make, thanks to the new Karma Meter. People will run screaming from you or shake your hand, unique powers are unlocked and a branching story twists and turns depending on your actions. It means every time you begin a new game, an entirely different adventure awaits.

    With new skills that let you launch cars into the air and create swirling ionic storms, plus a melee weapon called the Amp that courses with a thousand volts of electricity, all the ingredients for a spectacular tale are here. Best of all, you get to decide whether it’s one of salvation or vengeance.

    inFamous 2 UGC screenshot

    Become a world inFamous designer

    While inFamous 2 offers up countless opportunities to shape your own destiny, one brand new feature lets you go several steps further and actually build missions from scratch.

    Dynamic, flexible tools and options let you turn a germ of an idea into an exciting mini-game or side mission in just a few moments. Customise your idea and refine it before uploading it from your PlayStation 3 to PlayStation Network so that the inFamous community can tackle your design. You can also fill up your own world by downloading a never-ending stream of original content from other inFamous 2 creators.

    Begin by designating start and end points for your mission, then let your imagination run wild to fill in the gaps. Almost all of the tools, characters and items Sucker Punch used to mould inFamous 2 are available, giving you scope to create compelling background content to the main story. You might decide to give a starring role to Zeke, Cole’s trusted sidekick, depicting what he gets up to when the spotlight is elsewhere.

    Or you could simply have a blast with Cole’s powers, designing fun mini-games set in the New Marais wonderland. Electric volleyball using a house as the net and a car as the ball? Simply negotiate the simple User-Generated Content menus to find the tools you need and watch the sparks fly.

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