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Life could be simple.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: thatgamecompany
  • Also on PS4 PS3
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Explore the soothing depths of a living underwater environment, discover strange new organisms and embark on a journey of evolution. Freely glide around before diving down to the challenges beneath or aggressively consume food and compete with every surrounding creature.

Your evolutionary path will ultimately reflect your style of play. Download flOw from PlayStation Store (PC) and discover the unique wonder of an uncharted aquatic world.

  • Experience an innovative and serene game
  • Delve into the depths and discover new organisms
  • Guide your growth and evolution
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Go with the flOw

Explore a watery world of amoeba eat amoeba that is thoroughly absorbing in flOw on PSP® (PlayStation®Portable).

Playing flOw is like a meditative experience. Developer thatgamecompany has achieved something rare, a game experience that is rewarding while being relaxing and completely stress free.

In flOw the worst that will happen is that parts of your organism might be absorbed by other big fish in your small pond. If things are going really bad you instinctively retreat to shallower waters, where you can pull yourself back together.

Originally released on PlayStation®3, this PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) version available as a download at PlayStation®Store (PC) features the same soothing gameplay. On PSP® you use the analog stick to move and pressing any button will give you a quick boost; and that is it, all you need to know, to explore the watery abyss teeming with life that is flOw.

Common multi-celled organisms you control include an agile snake-like creature that grows in length as it feeds, a quick, fish-like life form that grows radiant fins, and finally a spherical, jellyfish organism, which when you boost sucks amoeba into its chomping maw.

Visually vibrant, as organisms shift between passive and aggressive states or shine as they feed, flOw's style is beautifully matched by its simple, otherworldly audio.

flOw on PSP® also supports multiplayer for up to four players via Ad Hoc Mode. To play with friends it is as simple as turning on your PSP® system's WLAN switch. How you cohabit together in the depths is up to you.

With no right or wrong way to play, whether you're a predator or sedentary grazer, flOw is a real gem of design that offers simplistically deep gameplay.
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