Dead Space™ 2

  • PS3

Prepare yourself for another blood-curdling adventure.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Visceral Games
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    • Take on the role of engineer Isaac Clarke and confront a catastrophic new nightmare as the lone survivor of a horrific alien infestation.
    • Do whatever it takes to battle your dementia, escape the visions of your dead girlfriend and avoid the government who hunt you.
    • Use an arsenal of tools and your determination to dismember the alien Necromorphs and save yourself.
    • The Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition includes Dead Space Extraction in full High Definition for the first time. Dead Space Extraction on PlayStation 3 offers the entire single player game complete with all new trophy support, as well as co-op gameplay, using the PlayStation Move motion controller, in addition to wireless controllers.
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    Marked for death

    Following on from the events of the blood-curdling finale of the original, Dead Space 2 shifts the action forwards three years in time to 2511 where the game's hero, Isaac Clarke, has now been institutionalized on a huge space station called the Sprawl. Suffering from horrifying visions brought on by exposure to the strange artefact known as the Marker, Clarke awakens to the sounds of chaos and panic.

    The twisted creatures known as Necromorphs have returned and are taking over the Sprawl, one level at a time. Strapped into a straightjacket and bound to a stretcher, Clarke is helpless. The bloodthirsty Necromorphs are drawing closer. Fortunately, a friendly face arrives in the form of Franco, a worker on the Sprawl.

    Upon freeing Clarke, Franco is mauled and killed by one of the creatures. Trapped in his straightjacket, Clarke flees for his life as the Necromorphs smash through the air vents in search of new flesh to feast on.

    Whether or not Clarke survives and makes it off the Sprawl is up to you.

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    A terrifying edition

    Dead Space fans are in for a treat with the Dead Space 2: Limited Edition on PlayStation 3. Not only do you get an action-packed, survival horror experience, you'll also find another game on the Blu-ray Disc. That game is Dead Space Extraction, which is a PlayStation Move compatible experience that takes you deeper into the frightful universe developer Visceral Games has created.

    Dead Space: Extraction sees you take on the role of Detective Nathan McNeill on the planet Aegis VII, fighting off a massive Necromorph invasion with the help of either a friend or a computer-controlled partner, while protecting a young woman by the name of Lexine Murdoch. It's fast, fun, furious and filled with a huge helping of scares that are guaranteed to hook you from start to finish.

    Don't worry if you missed out on the Dead Space 2: Limited Edition because Dead Space: Extraction is also available to download from PlayStation Store today.

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    Wipe them out

    Dead Space 2 is a full-blown action horror game packing in loads of scares and barrels of blood, so it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Once you've managed to free yourself from the constraints of the straightjacket at the outset of the game, your goal is simple: wipe out the Necromorph infestation. Thankfully, you'll have an array of futuristic weaponry to hand throughout the game to assist you in your mission.

    Memorable weapons from Dead Space make a welcome return including the Plasma Cutter, which allows you to blast the limbs off of marauding enemies, slowing them down before you finish them off. Brand new combat gadgets include the Javelin, a device that fires spikes and the Detonator, a weapon that shoots mines onto walls and floors.

    Clarke can also purchase multiple outfits from various stores located throughout the huge construct, each of which have their own unique attributes. For example, the Security Suit allows for more damage to be taken, while the Classic Suit enables discounts on items and upgrades purchased from the store. Alongside these are a host of new enemies - each of which you can control in thrilling multiplayer modes - plus some spectacular boss battles that are guaranteed to jolt you from your seat. Just keep repeating: it's only a game, it's only a game.

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    Man vs monster

    For the first time in Dead Space the developer, Visceral Games, has included multiplayer, which means you and your friends can compete against each other as either Necromorphs or Sprawl security officers. Each of the five multiplayer modes allow for you and up to seven of your friends to compete against each other online via PlayStation Network.

    While one team takes control of the Sprawl security officers wielding weapons such Plasma Cutters and Pulse Rifles, the remaining four players are tasked with taking on the roles of the Necromorphs. There are four Necromorphs in total to choose from: Lurkers, Pukers, Spitters and the Pack. Each one has their own strengths and weaknesses including size, melee attack strength and special abilities such as spewing acid.

    Each of the five multiplayer modes features numerous objectives for the players controlling the security team to perform, while the Necromorphs' goal is simpler - slay the humans. In Escape, the security team must eject a series of escape pods. In Fuel Core, the human forces must eradicate the creatures by detonating the Sprawl's fuel core. The remaining modes - Titan Mines, Solar Array and Marker Lab - offer up similar goals, with the humans fighting for survival, a means to escape and the chance to send the Necromorphs straight back to hell.

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