Dark Void

  • PS3

Fight against overwhelming alien legions on foot and with total freedom in the air using a powerful rocket pack.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Airtight Games
    Dark Void screenshot

    • Experience aerial and on-foot combat with a gravity-defying vertical combat system where moving up is the only way to bring your enemies down.

    • Enjoy a unique grip system that allows players to scale walls jumping from surface to surface or hijack UFOs whilst in mid-air to rain death from above onto unsuspecting otherworldly foes.

    • Immerse yourself in a stunning score composed by Bear McCreary, the legendary composer of music for Battlestar Galactica and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    Dark Void screenshot

    Enter The Void

    Dark Void is a unique sci-fi action adventure game that brilliantly combines an adrenaline-fuelled blend of aerial and on-foot combat set in a parallel universe called The Void. You play as Will, a pilot dropped into incredible circumstances. While on a routine air cargo flight with an old colleague your plane crash-lands deep inside the Bermuda Triangle leaving you trapped inside the mysterious Void.

    Straight way, you find yourself caught up in a desperate struggle for survival at the head of a group called The Survivors, a band of humans. Trapped in this alien world just like you, these resistance fighters are battling to hold off a mysterious alien race that plans to destroy Earth itself. Now it’s up to you and your resistance fighters to thwart these evil aliens using a blend of third person shooting, jetpack flying and amazing alien weaponry.

    Dark Void screenshot

    The matinee movie look

    Dark Void's presentation emulates that of the 50s classic science fiction adventure films and TV series that were so popular back in their day and went on to influence a lot of modern day movies and games. Anyone with an interest in classic shows such as Flash Gordon and films such as The Rocketeer will instantly recognise the influences developer Airtight Studios has kneaded into the look and feel of Dark Void. With a mixture of huge alien structures, dense jungles and massive desert landscapes, The Void is also a stunning sight to behold on PlayStation 3 as you battle on-foot and in the air through its many dangerous locations.

    Fans of Battlestar Galactia are also in for a treat because the soundtrack for Dark Void was written and composed by the series composer, Bear McCreary and a 63-piece ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony at the Eastwood Scoring Stage in California on the grounds of the famous Warner Brothers Studios. With a great story, standout visuals, plenty of action and incredible alien gadgetry Dark Void is a must for action and adventure fans.

    The battle to save the human race starts right here; take to the skies and download the demo from PlayStation Store now!

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    Familiar faces

    Dark Void features an eclectic collection of characters you will encounter and form relationships with over the course of the story. Ava, your colleague and old flame who is on board the plane with you when it crash lands in The Void serves as the lead lady. As you progress, you learn that Ava has more secrets hidden in her past than she initially told you about, each of which will slowly be revealed before the game's closing credits.

    Other characters you will form alliances with in your quest to liberate the humans and defeat the alien forces are Atem, a friend who assists you throughout your adventure and The Survivors, human freedom fighters in search of a safe passage back to Earth. History fans will get a kick out of the appearance of Nikola Tesla, the genius scientist who experimented with electricity and has somehow ended up inside The Void alongside you.

    In Dark Void, you team with Tesla to reverse engineer the alien technology and create jetpacks, airships and various other weapons to assist you in your mission. The main villains of the game are The Watchers, an ancient alien race banished to The Void who seek to enslave the human race and take over Earth. Armed with technology far superior than that of mankind's, they simply will not stop until they have eradicated humanity.

    Dark Void screenshot

    Take to the skies

    At the outset of the game, you primarily wield a number of weapons such as machine guns and laser cannons while getting comfortable with Dark Void's cover system and third person shooter mechanics. After about an hour of gameplay developer Airtight Studios lets loose with the game's greatest attribute: the jetpack and Full Flight mode. This particular mode opens up a vast amount of options for you when tackling certain objectives.

    For example, when you first unlock the mode you are told to fly to an alien structure and enter it on foot before defeating all the enemies and making your way to a force field generator high up in the structure before destroying it. Once you've accomplished this objective you can then demolish the building in one explosive attack. However, with the jetpack you can try an entirely different approach by flying directly into the building and all the way to the top, avoiding the hordes of enemies on foot.

    It's challenging, and may take a number of attempts and ultimately it demonstrates the immense sense of freedom Dark Void offers you when you acquire the jetpack and Full Flight mode. With a hugely entertaining flying system, kinetic dogfights, the ability to hijack UFOs and plenty of on-foot combat, Dark Void combines each of these modes perfectly, offering up addictive action that's perfect for fans of both aerial and ground based shooters.

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