Call of Duty 3

  • PS3

It's time to do your duty.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter / Action
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Treyarch

    The latest in the hugely popular Call of Duty series, Call of Duty 3 delivers the intensity of being closer than ever to the fury of combat during the Normandy Breakout, the historic campaign that made the liberation of Paris possible and brought the Allies a step closer to Berlin.

    Through a seamless narrative that delivers the rush of unrelenting battle and breathtaking action, players assume the roles of four ordinary Allied soldiers - American, British, Canadian and Polish - and are thrust into authentic battlefield situations that feature an unprecedented variety of combat.

    Tailor-made to take full advantage of the advanced technology at the heart of PlayStation®3, Call of Duty 3 brings the battle to life with advanced graphics, a new physics engine, procedural environments, detailed ensemble animations and explosive on-screen action, which deliver the most immersive and cinematically intense war experience ever.

    Next generation level design provides multiple attack routes that let players decide how to confront the enemy. Each mission requires you to employ special tactics, from sniping and demolition to all-out head-on clashes, while a new close-quarters battle mechanic allows you to fight hand-to-hand.

    State of the art environmental physics enable you to destroy enemy cover, forcing foes out in the open, but beware as opponents can eliminate your protective cover as well.

    A new vehicle based multiplayer mode introduces combined arms and team-based combat, which provide unprecedented depth and variety by allowing players to battle it out online with the option of single or split-screen Internet play.

    You have the choice to play as infantry or commandeer vehicles, including tanks, jeeps, and motorcycles with sidecars, leading to unique mobile combat roles for all-out, multiplayer mayhem. Call of Duty 3 also offers soldier classes, each with class specific abilities, and a ranking system for truly diverse squad combat.

    • A visually stunning and breathtakingly immersive game that delivers the most cinematic war experience ever
    • Branching mission paths and destructible environments
    • A stirring original score by award-winning composer Joel Goldsmith
    Call Of Duty 3 screenshot 2

    War of the world

    Volunteer to take part in one of the most decisive and devastating campaigns of World War 2, as you experience the hell of the Normandy Breakout in Call of Duty® 3.

    The other first person shooter in the PlayStation 3 launch line-up, Resistance: Fall of Man, gives you a slice of gritty, science fiction action as you try to turn back an invasion in 1950s Europe. With Call of Duty 3, the 1940s action is far from sci-fi, but no less gritty as you push beyond the Normandy beaches and take a step closer to Berlin and victory. A step the retreating German forces will make you pay dearly for.

    The highly-respected Call of Duty series has been enthralling PlayStation heroes since its debut on PlayStation 2 with Call of Duty: Finest Hour in 2004. Now the World War 2 FPS advances to the next generation with Call of Duty 3 on PlayStation 3.

    Norman conquest
    Having tackled many of the seminal confrontations of the war, developer Treyarch has turned its attentions to the events that followed the Normandy invasion. Allied forces from around the world worked in tandem to push into the French mainland, with the ultimate goals of liberating Paris and pushing the Axis forces back to Berlin. Call of Duty 3 lets you see this decisive and bloody campaign through the eyes of four brave soldiers; a British SAS soldier, a Polish Tank Commander, a Canadian Mechanised Infantryman and an American GI.

    These four unique viewpoints let you experience different facets of this bloody campaign; on foot, in the air (via parachute) and in an array of authentically reproduced WW2 land vehicles. As an infantryman you'll find yourself in the very thick of the conflict; from house-to-house, close quarters fighting in occupied towns and villages, to battling your way through fortified enemy trenches scarring the once beautiful French countryside. As well as utilising a familiar array of sub-machine guns, rifles and grenades, you'll also become familiar with an arsenal of support weapons such as machine guns (both portable and emplaced) and mortars.

    Wireless operator
    Being at the sharp end of the action, you'll be fighting German forces closely, and in some cases too closely. Stroll into a location that hasn't been thoroughly scouted (or grenaded) and you'll find yourself grappling with a Wehrmacht soldier trying to wrestle your rifle from your grasp or plunge a knife into your chest. Utilising the motion sensitive abilities, grappling the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller back and forth (as per the on-screen instructions) you can gain the upper hand and dispatch your attacker and move on.

    The motion sensitive challenge comes in to play in other life-or-death situations. Placing, priming and detonating explosives on a key installation, desperately paddling a boat across a river under attack or working crane controls to halt an advance, all require skillful use of the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller abilities. An alternate control scheme using more traditional button presses is also available.

    Tanks for the memories
    As well as experiencing the war from the viewpoint of an infantryman (US, Canadian and British), you'll ride into battle as a Polish Tank Commander. Trundling across Normandy in your Sherman Firefly tank flattening trees and crashing through fences you'll cross swords with German Panzer, "Panther", Tiger and "King Tiger" tanks. As well as open terrain combat, your turret twisting skills will be tested as you hunt down a German ace commander through a village's narrow streets.

    As well as a stirring solo campaign, you can play your role in the theatre of war in an array of online multiplayer modes. Take part in up to 24-player conflicts in the pure deathmatch of Battle and Team Battle modes, or the flag-based firestorms of Capture-the-Flag (CTF), Single CTF, and War modes. Lastly, you can put your tactics and combat skills to the test in the desperate attack/defend gameplay of Headquarters mode.

    Call of Duty 3 features a detailed, historically accurate story of ordinary men doing extraordinary things to preserve freedom, coupled with exciting, varied gameplay and massive online firefights. Add to that the power of PlayStation 3 delivering jaw-dropping, epic visuals, nerve-shattering sound and challenging A.I, Call of Duty 3 should feature in every armchair general's PS3 arsenal.

    Call of Duty 3 is also available on PlayStation 2.
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