What are the button functions on PS5 consoles?

Find out the button functions available on your PlayStation®5 console and compatible controller. 

What are the controller button functions on PS5 consoles?

Below you can find a list of the DualSense™ wireless controller buttons and their functions. These are the basic buttons that can be assigned when creating a profile for your DualSense Edge™ wireless controller or Access™ controller for PS5® consoles.

A) Directional buttons
Highlight an item on the screen.

B) Create button
Display the create menu and take screenshots and video clips.

C) Touch pad/touch pad button
Use for gameplay functions.

D) Options button
Displays the options menu.

E) Action buttons
Use for gameplay functions. Each button also has the following functions in the PS5 console menu:

Cross button: select the highlighted item.
Circle button: cancel a command.
Triangle button: rearrange the items in a list, or view related information.
Square button: Use as a shortcut for context-sensitive commands and to view more functions for a specific item.

F) Right stick/R3 button
Use for movement and gameplay functions.

G) PS button
Press once to access the control center.
Press and hold to go to the home screen.

H) Mute button
Mutes your controller mic and speaker.

I) Left stick/L3
Use for movement and gameplay functions.

  • The mute button and touch pad swipe function are not available to map on the Access controller. 

A) R1/R2 buttons
Use for gameplay functions.

B) L1/L2 buttons
Use for gameplay functions. 

What are the PS5 console button functions?

Below you can find a list of the power indicators and buttons on the PS5 console.

PS5 console (CFI-2000 model group - slim)
PS5 console (CFI-1000 model group)

A) Power indicator
The power indicator light lets you know the following:

White: Console is on.
Orange: Console is in rest mode
Off: Console is off.

B) Eject button*
Eject the disc.

C) Power button
Turn your console on or off, or put it in rest mode.

* Excludes PlayStation 5 Digital Edition console.

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