Play non-PS VR2 games on PS VR2 (Cinematic Mode)

How to play non-PS VR2 games on PS VR2 (Cinematic Mode)

Find out how to use your PlayStation®VR2 system to display non-VR games and media apps.

How to start cinematic mode on PS VR2

  1. Turn on your PlayStation®5 console and PS VR2 system.

  1. Select a non PS VR2 game or media app.
    You see the game or media app on a virtual screen through your headset.

  • When in cinematic mode, the social screen (the image shown on your TV) is disabled.

How to access quick settings in cinematic mode 

Access the key settings for PS VR2 quickly using the control centre.

  1. While in cinematic mode, press the PS button to access the control centre.

  2. Select the PS VR2 Quick Settings card to quickly adjust the following settings:

  • View Surroundings (see-through view)
  • Screen Brightness
  • Screen Size
  • VR Headset Vibration 
  • Set Play Area
  • Adjust Visibility
  • Eye Tracking
  • Other Settings

How to change your cinematic mode settings

  1. Turn on your PS VR2, go to the home screen and select Settings > Accessories > PlayStation VR2.

  2. Select Cinematic mode and choose from the following options:

Change the size of the screen in cinematic mode.  This setting is also accessible via the PlayStation VR2 card in the control centre.

While turned off, the audio source comes from where the screen is in the virtual space. Turn on to lock the audio position so that the audio source stays relative to the direction your VR headset faces.

Make sure to turn on Settings > Sound > 3D Audio for Headphones > Enable 3D Audio for Headphones.

How to reposition the cinematic mode screen

Press and hold the options button on your PlayStation VR2 Sense™ controller to reset the position of the screen.

H) Options button

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