Some heroes are built different

Join machine hunter Aloy as she leads a colourful crew of heroes on a quest to save the world, coming soon to PS5, PC & Nintendo Switch

The truth lies

This is signature Black Ops across a cinematic Campaign, best-in-class Multiplayer, and round-based Zombies

ASTRO is back!

Charge into a brand-new, supersized adventure with ASTRO across 50 exciting and diverse worlds.

Unleash Your inner vampire

Survive sunlight, build your castle, explore a Gothic open world and rule the night, in this new action RPG out now on PS5

Experience terror

Delve into Silent Hill, a gripping story of psychological horror that leaves truth altered forever, available 8th October on PS5

Sonic & Shadow for a new generation

Shadow the Hedgehog is back alongside Sonic in an all-new collection featuring two unique experiences, available October 25 on PS5 & PS4

The New Expansion

Play as an all-new class, explore a new region, and more from October 8. Pre-purchase now to instantly unlock in-game rewards.

Bring the nitro

Get in the driver’s seat and take on a band of marauders called the Wasteland Warriors in the new season of Fortnite, out now on PS5 & PS4.

New savings on PlayStation Store

Explore the latest discounts and seasonal sales on great games and add-ons for PS5 and PS4.

PlayStation official licensed apparel and merchandise

Browse the PlayStation Gear store for official accessories, collectibles, clothing and more

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