PlayStation®VR2 games

Escape into worlds that feel truly real as virtual reality gaming takes a huge generational leap forward.

PlayStation VR2 games available now

Ignite your virtual reality gaming with these PS VR2 games available to download now from PlayStation Store.

Resident Evil 4 VR Mode

Become Leon S. Kennedy and see the nightmare through his eyes.

Enter a secluded European village and immerse yourself in this visceral experience combining horror, action, and catharsis. The struggle to survive just became more real.

Horizon Call of the Mountain™

Conquer colossal peaks, overcome fearsome machines and uncover a hidden danger to the world of Horizon – as you answer the call of the mountain in an immersive new adventure for PlayStation VR2.

Enter a living, breathing world of dangerous machines, tribal lore, exciting quests and new and returning characters. Explore a diverse landscape – embark on a journey with multiple paths to take where you’ll have to look all around you to uncover the secrets of the mountains.


Gran Turismo 7

Put yourself in the driver’s seat and experience Gran Turismo 7 like never before as you pilot more than 450 cars in new and extraordinary ways with the power of PlayStation VR2*.

Turn your head and look directly into the corner entry as you pinpoint your surrounding opponents through 3D Audio. Transform your driving experience as Headset Feedback gives subtle headset vibrations at key moments of a race or when you make contact with another driver as you fight for position, in single-player or online multiplayer races.

 *PSVR2 not compatible with two player split-screen mode  


Beat Saber

One of the best-selling VR games of all time is now available on PlayStation VR2.

Enjoy improved performance with the PlayStation VR2 version of Beat Saber, compared to the previous PlayStation VR version. Better yet, if you already own Beat Saber on PS VR, you can upgrade to PS VR2 for free.

Any Beat Saber music packs previously purchased on PS VR are also transferable to PS VR2 at no extra cost.

More PS VR2 games to download from PlayStation Store

No Man's Sky

Explore a near infinite universe and forge a life on distant planets in Hello Games' incredible sci-fi adventure.

Travel through an endless array of increasingly diverse and dangerous star systems, prospecting for rare materials, trading with alien life, and searching for clues to the meaning of the universe's mysterious existence.

Arizona Sunshine 2

Dust off your shotgun and sharpen your machete. Accompanied by an all-new friend, Arizona Sunshine 2 takes you back to the limb-strewn deserts of post-apocalyptic Arizona in this gory, next-gen sequel to one of VR's most-played games.


Resident Evil Village

With advanced features such as 4K HDR visuals, eye-tracking and 3D audio, experience a hyper-realistic version of the entire campaign on PS VR2. 

The PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers deepen the immersion with new gameplay features such as raising your arms to block attacks and dual wielding weapons. 

It's time to get up-close and personal with Lady Dimitrescu - just be careful what you wish for.

CROSSFIRE: Sierra Squad

Lead an elite paramilitary fireteam facing an unexpected skirmish with the rival Black List organization. Battle a variety of enemies in a relentless search for the truth, and prove why you were selected as the leader of the most feared special unit in existence. Clearing the enemies out won’t be easy. But if you need help, recruit up to three friends and jump into large-scale co-op play.


Enter a hostile, surreal world and overcome its deadly defences using a combination of tactile weaponry and expressive telekinetic powers.

As a mind-breaking operative, you’ll invade the subconscious of a notorious enemy of the state and battle the twisted products of his mind. Evolve and master your own combat style by combining increasingly sophisticated skills and abilities.

PlayStation®VR2 PC adapter

Browse, buy and play thousands of virtual reality games on Steam™. Discover multiplayer open worlds, survival horrors and stealth action games, plus sports sims, quirky puzzlers and free-to-play epics – explore Steam’s huge range of virtual reality games to expand your PlayStation VR2 experience.

The PlayStation VR2 PC adapter will be available from select retailers from 7 August 2024.

PS VR2 games in development

These games and many more will launch throughout 2024 and beyond.

Metro Awakening

The survivors of nuclear Armageddon cling to existence in the buried subways of the Moscow Metro – civilization’s last refuge and tomb, where ghosts and spirits haunt the living in this man-made purgatory. Prepare to brave the darkness, crippling radiation and deadly threats of the Metro in the search for your lost wife.

More PS VR2 games coming soon

How PlayStation VR2 Sense Technology enhances play

Adaptive triggers

Experience varying levels of force and tension as you interact with your in-game gear and environments1

From pulling back an increasingly tight bowstring, to crushing objects with your hands or feeling a weapon jam in the heat of combat, adaptive triggers physically connect you to your on-screen actions for a deep sense of immersion.

Haptic feedback

Feel realistic, detailed responses to your in-game actions1. From subtle, precise vibrations to intense pulses, a vast range of sensations in the game world can be delivered to your hands.

Sense how it feels to fire or strike with different weapons, craft tools, touch varied environmental textures and travel across undulating terrain.

Tempest 3D Audio technology

Surround yourself with incredibly realistic soundscapes*, as in-game audio dynamically adapts to your position and head movements*1.

Sense a character’s presence as they whisper in your ear, locate friends and enemies by their gunfire or footfall, and experience the creeping dread of a threat approaching from any direction.

*Analog / USB stereo headphones required.

Eye tracking

Interact in new and lifelike ways, as the PS VR2 headset detects the motion of your eyes1, allowing for heightened emotional response and enhanced expression when meeting fellow players online.

Frequently asked questions

Only PlayStation VR2 games can be played with the PS VR2 headset and PS VR2 Sense controller. 

The original PS VR headset and games can be played on a PlayStation 5 console using the PlayStation Camera adapter. More details can be found here

Prices for PS VR2 games vary depending on the retailer and title. Check with your preferred retailer for more pricing information.

All PS VR2 games are available to purchase digitally from PlayStation Store. 

Online multiplayer modes will be available in various games. Full details will be announced closer to launch.

In most cases yes, a PlayStation Plus membership is required to play games online, with the exception of free-to-play games which do not require PlayStation Plus.

No, PS VR2 games are only compatible with the PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller and in some cases, the DualSense wireless controller. PS Move motion controllers are not compatible.

PS VR2 games can be played sitting or standing up, depending on the design of the game. Check the VR Play Style menu and select Standing or Roomscale to play standing up.

¹Features available in compatible games.

The above information is subject to change without prior notice.

This game/content may not be available in some countries and regions and in some languages.