How to fix NP-31739-3

Download of latest update file is still ongoing. You need to install this update file to use the feature.

  1. Please wait until the download is complete. You can check the progress at Notifications > Download
  2. Close the application to install the update file.

    Hints for updating your applications:
  • You can automate the download of application updates if you have a PlayStation®Plus subscription and enable both of the following settings.
    1. Settings > Adjust Power Save Settings > Set Functions Available in Rest Mode > Stay Connected to the Internet
    2. Settings > System > Automatic Downloads and Uploads > Saved Data and Update File
  • You can also manually check for an update file and start downloading it.
    1. From the home screen, select the application's icon.
    2. Press the OPTIONS button on the controller, and select Check for Update

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