Customize the PS5 console control center

How to customize the PS5 console control center

You can customize the control center on your PlayStation®5 console by rearranging your most commonly used functions.

How to customize the PS5 control center

  1. Press the PS button to display the control center.
  2. Highlight any icon in the control area, and press the options button.
  3. Select the icon that you want to move.
    You can now move the icon around.
  4. Move the icon to where you want it, and then press X to set it in place .
    To hide an  icon, move it to the Hidden Controls area on the screen.
  5. Repeat steps 3 to 4 until you're done customizing the control center, and then press the options button.
    You return to the original screen.
  • To unhide an icon, select the icon in the Hidden Controls area, and then move the icon to the displayed controls area.
  • Please note, some icons cannot be hidden.

What's in the PS5 console control center?

The control center lets you quickly access various features of your PS5 console without leaving your game. Press the PS button to display the control center.

A ) Cards

Cards let you use different features and take actions unique to the game you're playing. Examples of cards:

Check your trophy progress and view available challenges, as well as view activities based on your game progress. You can also jump right into the action for a specific activity from its card. 

Mute or unmute your mic and camera while voice chatting with your friends, and manage an ongoing voice chat or broadcast.

Control the music that's playing. 

B ) Control center controls

Depending on the context, the following controls display. The screen that appears when you select a function icon is called the control menu.

Displays the home screen. 
Some games and apps are paused when you display the home screen. To return to the game you were playing, select it from your games home.

Displays recently started games and apps. Switch between your games and apps or close a game you're playing.

Check notifications you've received. 

Game Base
View your friends list or talk to other players using messages and voice chat. 

Listen to music while you're playing a game.

Manage your sound settings. 
To adjust 3D audio and other detailed settings go to Settings > Sound > Audio Output.

Change your input device, mute and unmute your mic, and adjust the mic level.

Check your controller or headset battery level, and change their settings.

Select this to update your online status, access your profile, view your trophies, switch users, and log out.

Turn off your PS5 console or put it in rest mode. 

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