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Tearaway™ Unfolded

From the creators of LittleBigPlanet comes Tearaway™ Unfolded – a mesmerizing adventure through a magical world of paper, rebuilt for PS4.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Adventure
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Developer: Media Molecule
Mild Cartoon Violence
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Uncover the true power of your DUALSHOCK®4 to join forces with ATOI THE MESSENGER in a daring quest to deliver a top-secret message. 

Unfold her magical papery world, save her pals in peril and battle the monsters trying to stop her delivery! 

Overflowing with PS4™-exclusive features, surprises and secrets, you don’t just playTearaway™ Unfolded… you’re in it!

The power of your DUALSHOCK®4:

  • Catch stuff hurled out of your TV – and throw it back to solve puzzles and take down the baddies.
  • Guide atoi through dark, scary places by shining the light bar at your TV.
  • Whip up a windstorm to discover hidden paths, and pilot a papery plane by swiping the touch pad.

Get the App:

With a smartphone or tablet, a second player can customise the papery world and characters with their own wild designs and real-world images as you play.



Pre-order Tearaway™ Unfolded to get your hands on the Crafted Edition which includes:

  • A gold leaf for atoi’s headband!
  • A gold stamp for atoi’s headband!
  • A Journey™ costume for atoi to wear!
  • A God of War® costume – for atoi to wear!
  • Sackboy® & Baby Wendigo papercraft models!
  • 8 custom decorations (from Lemmings, Gravity Rush™, No Man's Sky™,God of War®, inFAMOUS™, The Last of Us™ and Killzone™ & The Order: 1886™)!
  • A paper crown for your in-game piggy pal! The official game soundtrack!

Screenshots and Videos

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©2014 Sony Computer Entertainment America. Developed by Media Molecule. Tearaway is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America. “PlayStation” and the “PS” family logo are registered trademarks and the “PS4” logo is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Tearaway™ Unfolded

  • Tearaway™ Unfolded

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