Everything that's happening this month on PlayStation.



Everything that's happening this month on PlayStation.

Tribes of Midgard | 27th July

Enter the age of Norse legend and struggle for survival in a world of dark creatures and ancient giants. Build your Viking settlement and gather a clan of mighty warriors to defend the Seed of Yggdrasil from the looming threat of Ragnarök.

F1® 2021 | 16th July

Formula 1® racing returns to PlayStation with F1 2021. Enjoy stunning new features including the thrilling story experience ‘Braking Point’, two-player Career and get even closer to the grid with ‘Real-Season Start’.

NEO: The World Ends With You | 27th July

Put your psychic powers to the test as you duke it out on the stylishly animated streets of Shibuya in the latest instalment of Square Enix's long-running action series The World Ends With You.

Winds and Leaves | 27th July

Stranded in a barren landscape, you are the only being capable of mastering the ancient art of growing vegetation. Journey across the Steppe to discover landmarks left behind, unlock new equipment and gather dormant seed varieties.

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