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Everything you need to know about this month's biggest releases.

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July's must-play games

Ghost of Tsushima

Draw your sword and fight to defend your homeland from invading hordes led by a ruthless general.

Marvel's Iron Man VR

Don the PlayStation VR headset* to suit up as the Armoured Avenger in an original Iron Man adventure.

F1 2020

Create your own F1 team, driver and manage every element of a world-beating motor racing franchise.

This month on PS VR:

Get your PS VR headset ready: 10th July is set to be a bad day at the office as killer robots invade your virtual workplace.

  • Put your office ninja skills to the test and use stealthy tactics to take down the mechanised menaces.
  • Sneak around desks, through air vents and mount surprise attacks on the armed androids with letter openers and other office equipment.
  • Use your portal gun to transport around the office space — but beware the evil HR department.

Don't miss:

Steel yourself for a trip into the Abyss when this roguelike action platformer hits PS4 on 14th July.

  • Join the Grim Squad — a band of mercenaries hired by Hades to invade the Abyss and defeat the New Gods.
  • Unlock new items, bosses, special rules and bosses with each run and create unique abilities by combining random item drops.
  • Find unusual eggs and hatch unique pets to aid your quest, each with special abilities, extra firepower and more.
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This month on PlayStation Plus

Here's what PS Plus members can download and play this month:

NBA 2K20 slams onto PS Plus for July

Start your career on the NBA courts alongside LeBron James, Zion Williamson, Anthony Davis and other b-ball stars as the #1 basketball sim lands in your game collection.

Rise of the Tomb Raider also joins this month's line-up

Join Lara Croft on the latest instalment of her fortune-seeking adventure and fight to survive in the remote wastelands of Siberia, along with special extra content in this 20th Anniversary Edition.

Bonus games: Erica

Uncover clues to solve the grisly murder of your father in this cinematic, interactive mystery with branching, emotionally charged story arcs to follow.

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Soundtrack selection

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The Last of Us Part II

Gran Turismo Sport

Ultra Anime!

Fortnite Party Royale

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