Broadcast on PS5 consoles

How to stream gameplay with Broadcast on PS5 consoles

Live stream your gameplay on your PlayStation®5 console and let your friends and followers be a part of the experience, as they watch and comment on the action.

How to set up a broadcast on PS5 consoles

Broadcasting requires that you link accounts such as YouTube or Twitch to your account for PlayStation™Network. You can do this when starting a broadcast for the first time or from the home screen:

  1. Select Settings > Users and Accounts.
  2. Select Link with Other Services.
  • To check if you already linked a service, select Broadcast from the control centre. Linked appears next to linked services.
  • Your broadcasts can reach a wide public audience. To limit who can watch your broadcasts, configure the privacy settings in your linked accounts.
  • Want to be included in your broadcasts? Use your HD camera (CFI-ZEY series) or PlayStation Camera (CUH-ZEY series) and be featured in your live stream (cameras sold separately).

How to broadcast your gameplay on PS5 consoles

  1. Press the create button and select Broadcast.
  2. Select the streaming service you'd like to broadcast with.
  3. Enter your broadcast information.
    When you want to include video from your camera or audio from your party, select Broadcast Options, and then customize how you broadcast.
  4. When you're all set, select Go Live, and your broadcast starts.
    The broadcast card appears in the control centre.

How to configure Broadcast settings

  1. Go to the home screen and select Settings > Captures and Broadcasts.
  2. Select Broadcasts. You can adjust the following:

Set the resolution and frame rate for broadcasting your gameplay. Available resolutions vary by service.

Choose whether to include microphone audio and party audio in your broadcast.

Be sure to let members of your party know ahead of time that their voices will become part of your broadcast.

Customise settings for image position, size, brightness and more.

Choose whether to show overlays for viewer comments and for when new users start watching your stream. You can also choose where on the screen you want them to appear.

Turn on Convert Broadcast Chat to Speech to enable viewer comments to be read aloud during broadcasts, and configure settings for voice speed, pitch and volume. This is available for only languages that support it.

  • Only your game screen and audio is shared. Other screens and non-game app screens won't be visible to your viewers. 
  • Depending on the game, some scenes may not appear to your viewers.
  • Your broadcast information and preferences are saved from the last time you used broadcast.
  • Make sure to let people in your party voice chat know when you include voice chat audio in your broadcast. They can configure their settings and device if they want their voice to be shared.

How to find a broadcast to watch 

Watch people from around the world play games from the vast catalogue available for your PS5 console. You can find broadcasts in the following places: 

  • Hub
    View a broadcast for a game you own through the game's hub. 
  • Explore in games home
    Watch live broadcasts for games you play. 
  • A player's profile
    Go to a player's profile to watch their live broadcast, along with archived broadcasts.

Stream is stuck "preparing" when broadcasting

Some streaming services require 2FA (Two Factor Authorisation). You may need to activate 2FA on your linked account to use Broadcast on your PS5 console.  

What’s on the PS5 Broadcast card?

A) Time elapsed
Keep track of how long you've been broadcasting.

B) Viewers
The number of people watching your broadcast.

C) Broadcasting options
Mute or unmute mic

When your viewers can hear your voice, try narrating your gaming experience.

Camera options
Turn your camera on or off. When it's on, position the camera feed on your screen.

Overlay options 
Display Chat
: See what your viewers have to say by showing the chat. You can even have the comments read aloud to you by turning on chat to speech.

Display Activity: View updates such as new viewers and new followers.

Position: Move the chat display on the screen to where it's most convenient for you.

D) Pause Broadcast
Use this feature to tell your viewers to hold on while you step away for a moment. Your camera feed is put on hold, and all audio is muted until you get back.

E ) Stop Broadcast
End your live stream.

How to view another player’s archived broadcasts

  1. Press the PS button to open the control centre, and then select Game Base.
  2. Select Friends or Search, and then select a player to view their profile.
  3. Select the Shared tab to reveal their archived broadcasts. 

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