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Prepare for epic adventure with our expert guide to Square Enix's massive RPG series on PS4 and PS5.

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Final Fantasy XVI

Enter the dark fantasy world of Valisthea in this highly anticipated single-player action RPG.


The Final Fantasy VII Remake story is far from over

Explore a world teeming with life in the latest title from the Final Fantasy VII Remake project featuring its own unique narrative.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Complete Edition

Calling all adventurers! The realm of Eorzea awaits.

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

Discover a rhythm-action game packed with 385 carefully selected music tracks from across the whole Final Fantasy series

Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster

The games that inspired a generation come to life once more in the ultimate 2D pixel remaster

What is Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy is one of the longest running and most beloved Japanese role-playing game series of all time. 

Each main game features an exciting story, often centered around defeating a powerful enemy set on destroying the world. Each mainline title is largely standalone which makes Final Fantasy a great series of games to jump in wherever you choose. 

You can expect epic fantasy settings, a memorable cast of characters, magic-infused combat that usually involves calling forth summons and a few recurring elements. 

From its roots in traditional turn-based combat and random battle encounters, Final Fantasy has continued to innovate, refine and reinvent with every new installment. Some titles adopting active time battles instead of those of a turn-based nature being one example of this.

Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation
Final Fantasy VII Remake Part I on PlayStation 5

A PlayStation staple

The series made its PlayStation debut in 1997 with the groundbreaking Final Fantasy VII. Since then, every mainline game, as well as a multitude of sub-sequels, spin-offs and remasters, has appeared on a PlayStation console.

Final Fantasy is a great example of how games have progressed over the last few decades, in terms of storytelling, graphical fidelity and gameplay mechanics.

Final Fantasy games available on PS4 and PS5

Which Final Fantasy games should I play first?

Main series Final Fantasy games

The wider world of Final Fantasy

Explore a wealth of spin-off games that explore the wider universe outside of the mainline numbered titles.

Final Fantasy FAQ

Absolutely not. The beauty of the mainline Final Fantasy games is that they tell self-contained stories with no direct connections to the other games. There are recurring creatures and monsters that act as motifs, but in no way connect the games narratively.

Like most RPGs, the difficulty of Final Fantasy games is largely dictated by the player party’s character levels as well as their equipped weapons, armour and abilities, in relation to the abilities and stats of the enemies they face. 

There is generally a greater emphasis on strategy and adaptability over physical dexterity. More recent titles like Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake also offer adjustable difficulty levels.

As of 2023, there are 16 mainline games. If you take spin-offs and sub-sequels into account, there are over 100, embracing genres including turn-based strategy, rhythm action, fighting and even kart racing.

Every numbered Final Fantasy game from Final Fantasy VII has appeared on a PlayStation console and all, apart from Final Fantasy XI and XIII, are playable on the current generation of systems. 

The majority of numbered Final Fantasy games are traditional Japanese RPGs with random enemy encounters and turn-based combat. However, the series evolved to introduce summons and the Active Time Battle system, which made combat much more dynamic.

Since Final Fantasy XII, the single-player games have introduced systems that give players more freedom to choose their battles and utilize real-time movement.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is an MMORPG with that allows you to explore an expansive world alongside other players.

Mainline Final Fantasy games are generally recommended for players aged 16+ due to depictions of fantasy violence and mature themes. 

However, select titles like World of Final Fantasy Maxima are suitable for younger players.

Final Fantasy (sometimes referred to as Final Fantasy I) was the first to be released. The story tells of four Warriors of Light journeying to defeat the archdemon Chaos. 

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin depicts how the Final Fantasy antagonist, Garland, fell from grace.

All Final Fantasy games are produced by Square Enix.

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