Rocket Arena

Electronic Arts
Released 14/07/2020
Online Play Required
PS Plus Required for Online Play
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Release Information

Release date:
Final Strike Games
Electronic Arts

Compatibility Notices

DUALSHOCK 4 Vibration
PS4 Pro Enhanced
Game overview

Welcome to a world where the rules are written in rocket fuel.

Discover the true depth of rocket gameplay in this explosive 3v3 shooter featuring dynamic maps, thrilling game modes and an ever-growing roster of diverse heroes.

Master your hero’s unique rockets and abilities as you learn how to time your dodges, lead your targets and unearth new strategies based on your squad. Try out in-game items such as the Rocket Magnet, Trip Mine and Speed Boost to change the course of combat.

Taking too many hits will blast you out of the arena, but not out of the action. Ride your rocket right back in to return to the fight and become a champion. Ready to be blown away?

Key features

Rocket-fuelled heroes

Explore a growing roster of fantastic heroes, each with distinctive personalities, backstories and rivalries. Master your hero’s powerful abilities and signature rockets to get the most out of your squad.

Discover a bold new world

The world of Crater is home to many extraordinary locations, from the tropical ruins of the Gemstone Jungle to the high-tech, utopian Boom City. Use your rockets to traverse sprawling environments filled with hidden tricks, traps and lore.

Evolve your heroes

Earn experience to unlock Rocket Parts, Totem Parts and spectacular outfits to customize your hero's look. Mix, match and level up powerful artefacts to give your heroes impressive new stat boosts and effects.

Explore different game modes

Dive into Knockout for classic 3v3 competitive action, or practice your favourite combos against RocketBots first. Compete to score goals in Rocketball, control zones in Mega Rocket, and go for the gold in Treasure Hunt. Let’s Rocket!

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