PlayStation Store guides

PlayStation Store guides

Find out how to make purchases from PlayStation™Store, manage your subscriptions, and which payment methods you can use online and on your console.

How to make a purchase from PlayStation Store

Visit the guide below to find out what content is available on PlayStation Store and how to get started with purchasing online or from your PlayStation console.

How to pre-order from PlayStation Store

Visit the guide below to learn how to purchase pre-orders and set up automatic downloads.

How to manage PlayStation Store subscriptions

Visit the guide below to find out how to check your PlayStation subscription payment dates and cancel services such as PlayStation®Plus.

How to check transactions and subscription payment dates

Visit the guide below to find out how to view your PlayStation Store purchase history, manage subscriptions such as PlayStation Plus and check your service list.

How to redeem PlayStation Store vouchers

PlayStation Store vouchers such as wallet funding, content, and subscription vouchers are available for purchase from various retailers. PlayStation Store vouchers can be redeemed on your account online or using your PlayStation console. 

What payment methods are accepted on PlayStation Store?

Visit the guides below to find out which payment methods can be used on PlayStation Store.

How to request a refund from PlayStation Store

Find out if you're eligible for a PlayStation Store refund and how to request a refund on PlayStation Store purchases including games, DLC, pre-orders, and subscriptions such as PlayStation Plus.

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