Aloy Illustrations and Machines Papercraft

To celebrate the launch of Horizon Forbidden West, five notable Asia-based illustrators has drawn original illustration of Aloy in their own unique styles. You can learn more about them and on their inspiration for Aloy, as well as to download the illustration for PC desktop, smartphone and video conference wallpapers here.

We also created special papercraft design of Horizon Forbidden West Machine: Clawstrider and Sunwing, which you can create on your own by following the guides in this page.

Aloy Special Illustrations

Ann Maulina (Indonesia)

Ann Maulina is Indonesia-based illustrator who's done concept art for games and comics. Ann was discovered by Guerrilla Studio based on Horizon fans recommendation and collaborated with the studio to draw Horizon Zero Dawn Vol. 1: The Sunhawk graphic novel, which sets after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn Game.

Ann's comment: "I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to be involved in drawing the comic adaptation of this beautiful game. Also to have met the amazing and devoted people behind it. I feel so grateful. I love Aloy's curiosity and persistence that leads her to creativity in problem-solving. Can't wait to discover more of her outfits in Horizon Forbidden West.

Ravee (Thailand)

Ravee of Titans is freelance artist and content creator who has created artwork for fashion, games and cats.

Raveee's comment: "I am extremely grateful and honored that I was invited to illustrate Aloy in my style together with other prominent illustrators in the region. Drawing Aloy for this project is challenging, fun and it's not everyday I get to draw someone who is charming, mature, strong and intelligent character like Aloy. I have followed Aloy's story since Horizon Zero Dawn and I am looking forward to know more about her adventure in the Forbidden West."

Little Thunder (Hong Kong)

Little Thunder (門小雷) is a graphic novel artist and illustrator who specializes in water color. She is well-known to draw illustrations that are inspired by her hometown, Hong Kong.

Little Thunder's comment: “I love drawing strong girls. I'm enheartened when I see the confident, unhesitating look in Aloy's eyes while she is shooting arrows, and I'd love to be able to express that in the drawing. Having played the first Horizon game, I was amazed by the story structure and worldview of the game. After watching trailers of “Horizon Forbidden West”, it let me to believe the uniqueness of the game (e.g.: character design, equipment, scenery, sophisticated and complex movement) will reach a new level and I can't wait to play the game!”

VOFAN (Taiwan)

VOFAN is Taiwanese artist whose signature anime-style drawing has gotten him collaborate with game publishers, as well as PlayStation Taiwan, where he designed Ai-Chan character that appeared on PS4 Bundle Box and PS4 Theme.

VOFAN's comment: I am a fan of Horizon Zero Dawn, and I really like the mechanical beasts and the magnificent scenery in the game, and Aloy's strong and gentle personality is also very attractive. I can't wait for the release of Horizon Forbidden West!

InHyuk Lee (South Korea)

In Hyuk is a freelance illustrator and concept artist from South Korea who's created concept art and cover arts for global comic publisher and game studios.

In Hyuk's comments: “In addition to drawing for comic books, I also work in character and concept design for games. As such, I find Aloy's characters and story very intriguing. My favorite part of this project is to learn about Aloy's design which is practical and realistic but maximises the concept of the character at the same time.”

Horizon Forbidden West Machines Papercraft Guide & Contest

Clawstrider and Sunwing Papercraft

We are happy to share the papercraft design of new Machines that will challenge Aloy in the Forbidden West: Clawstrider, a machine that is covered from head to tail in razor-sharp plates and equipped with vicious claws on both feet and forelimbs, and Sunwing, a fast and nimble flyer machine that use their photovoltaic wings to store energy. Stand to win exclusive Horizon Forbidden West prizes by building your own papercraft and sharing on social! Here’s how to join:

• Download Sunwing or Clawstrider papercraft template, assemble and post on social (set your entries to public)
• Tell us your favourite aspects of Horizon Forbidden West’s Sunwing or Clawstrider (maximum 100 words)
• Remember to tag us at #HFWPapercraft and @PlayStationAsia. Winners will stand a chance to win a Horizon Forbidden West gift set featuring exclusive merchanises. (Terms and conditions apply)

Sunwing Papercraft
Clawstrider Papercraft

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