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Season 4 overview

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone has landed, and a mysterious DNA bomb is found at Popov Power, causing panic and suspense. 

The potential outbreak seeps into Multiplayer, with four core 6v6 maps, and plenty of modes, weapons and battle-ready recon and hazmat inspired gear to stay protected while remaining deadly calm and deadly affective.

What's new in Season 4?

New Multiplayer maps

Track down DNA evidence throughout the Limited Time Event to uncover the mystery and obtain exclusive hazmat-themed loot across the globe.

Meanwhile, assert your superiority in two new 6v6 Multiplayer Maps. The action’s hot in the City of Love so head to Paris for a rendezvous with the enemy in this small-scale urban map. Or fight through the streets of modern-day Tokyo in this medium-sized map. 


Stay tuned as a new challenge arises in Zombies mid-season with Unstable Rifts.

New weapons

In Season 4 an iconic arsenal will arrive, including a variety of hard-hitting weapons like the renowned standard-issue bolt-action Kar98K Sniper Rifle – deadly at long-range – or the practical and versatile SMG the Superi 46.

New Operators and Skins

Battle hardened soldiers Hammer and Void join the renowned Sergeant Soap in the Battle Pass to help stop the countdown. 

Stop the threat

Season 4 Battle Pass System

Honor the legacy of Soap by letting him lead you into battle in this highly elite excursion. This grizzled Task Force 141 veteran and Scottish warrior makes his mark on Season 4, bringing his rugged yet effective skills to the AO. With his head strong leadership, you can recon the imminent threat and figure out just what the hell is going on. 

The Soap Operator Skin immediately unlocks at Tier 0. Plus, battle hardened soldiers Hammer and Void join Soap as you progress through the Battle Pass. 

Whether you prioritise new weapons or consider yourself an Operator Skin completionist, you decide the path by spending Battle Tokens Tier Skips to unlock up to 100 Tiers of rewards across 20 Sectors. 

Purchase the Battle Pass to instantly unlock Soap and make your way through the ranks to unlock unique rewards and Operator Skins in the Victory Sector after all 20 Sectors have been unlocked. The innovative Battle Pass system features an impressive arsenal of new Weapons, Operator Skins, up to 1,400 Call of Duty Points and much more as you work your way through the map. Stop the threat with weapons such as the renowned Kar98k Sniper Rifle, and the versatile and quick fire-rate Superi 46 SMG, both available in the Battle Pass available on free Tiers.

Buy Call of Duty Points and add-on packs on PlayStation Store

Unlock this Season's Battle Pass for 1,100 Call of Duty Points. 

Call of Duty BlackCell

Purchase of BlackCell allows exclusive access to upscale, elite items. The Sector offers a unique entry point to the Battle Pass Map, as well as the opportunity to unlock higher value items more quickly, including:

  • Two Operators: The mysterious morphing 'Dupe', as well as the veiled and enigmatic 'Copy'
  • A shapeshifting Finishing Move that is exclusive to these two operators
  • Elite Assault Rifle Blueprint
  • A 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token
  • 1,100 CP bonus

Plus, receive 10 BlackCell Alternate Reactive Operator Skins and 6 BlackCell Alternate Weapon Tracer Blueprints with death effects. Coupled with the Season 4 Battle Pass and 25 Battle Token Tier Skips, membership to the BlackCell Sector provides a potent offering for everyone. 


Call of Duty Combat Pack

PlayStation Plus members get a free in-game bundle to celebrate Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone.

This pack includes: Operator Skin for Lockpick, 2x Weapon Blueprints, Charm, Sticker, Calling Card and Emblem.

Activision may update, replace, or remove this in-game content at any time.

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