Apex Legends

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Released 05/02/2019
  • In-game purchases optional
  • Online play required
  • 60 online players
What is Apex Legends?

Unite with Legends and dominate The Frontier 

Jump into a hero shooter beyond battle-royale experience from Respawn Entertainment, the veteran studio behind the Titanfall series.  

Apex Legends is a free-to-play, hero shooter with an ever expanding suite of finely-tuned legendary characters and powerful abilities filled with hundreds of cosmetic unlocks to hunt down. 

Team up to battle for fame and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier - an all new region of the Titanfall universe - and master a roster of diverse characters, deep, tactical squad play, and a host of fresh innovations that seek to revolutionise the battle royale genre, from 60-person battle royale matches, 3v3 Arenas battles to limited-time modes and takeovers.

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Apex Legends™ PS5™ (Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese)


    Apex Legends™ PS4™ (Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese)


      January 24 - February 7

      Celestial Sunrise Collection Event

      Celebrate the dawn of a new year in the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event! Show yourself a Legend among Legends in the new Hardcore Royale mode, featuring limited HUD, a ring that starts at max damage, no EVO Armor or helmets, no armour swapping and more!

      Collect and unlock 24 limited-time cosmetics before the event ends and automatically receive “Jadeite Retribution,” a new Reactive Peacekeeper Skin.

      Customise and conquer

      Fully tailor the look of your favourite Legends with weapon and character skins, camos, banners, badges and more, all available to purchase with Apex Coins via Apex Legends' in-game store.

      Apex Legends key features

      Legends change the game

      Explore a growing roster of powerful Legends, each with their own unique personality, strengths and abilities. See what each Legend can do for your squad.

      Strategic combat

      Master an expanding assortment of powerful weapons, unique abilities and game-changing equipment in a variety of environments and limited-time and permanent modes.

      Ever-expanding universe

      Apex Legends takes place in an immersive universe where the story continues to evolve, maps change each season and new Legends join the fight. Make your mark on the Apex Games with a multitude of distinctive outfits and join the adventure.

      The Season of Giving

      Share the freshest Apex styles with other players via the new Gifting system, which allows you to purchase bundles and cosmetic items in the Store tab for your in-game friends.

      Apex Legends game modes

      Battle royale

      Massive maps. 60-player matches. An ever-shrinking Ring. Will your squad win it all? Whether you're in Duos or Trios, the goal is the same: be the last squad left alive. But death isn't always permanent -- keep your squad in the fight with the help of Respawn Beacons.


      Arenas are the underground, unsanctioned fight clubs on the Arenas. Fight to the finish in this action-packed 3v3 round-based game mode. Pick your loadout, and sharpen your skills on bespoke maps where there’s no room for luck.

      Why you should play Apex Legends

      "Apex is anything but your typical battle royale game, boasting an array of stunning locations and maps, as well as a unique cast of characters - known as Legends - each with their own flair and skillset.

      There's no shortage of ways to customise your Legend and weapons either - a regular calendar of in-game events offer limited-time cosmetics and skins to earn in addition to seasonal battle pass rewards.

      On the battlefield, customise diverse classes of looted weapons on the fly with a variety of tiered attachments and hop-ups. Give yourself an edge by mastering your Legend abilities and working as a team when dropping in trios or duos. 

      One thing's for sure - an Apex Legends win is something to shout about."

      - PlayStation.com Editorial Team

      Season overview


      Shine from the darkest shadows in Apex Legends: Eclipse. Explore the remnants of a Broken Moon with Zip Rails, a fast new form of travel that can wind around corners for greater agility. Conjure your inner strength with Catalyst, a new defensive Legend with remarkable — almost magical — control over ferrofluid.

      Shoot for the Broken Moon

      Three decades ago, Cleo, the moon of Boreas, was struck by a comet. While this brought debris and chaos to the world below, the Broken Moon also presented a unique opportunity to experiment with terraforming technology. An atmosphere was created and a Stasis Net installed to try to hold what remained together and prevent the apocalypse for the planet below. But as the public lost interest in funding the work, the terraformers turned more and more to privatisation — and eventually, the deep coffers of the Apex Games.

      The Legends are dropping onto not only a Broken Moon, but a divided one. Explore the beauty and serenity of the Eternal Gardens and Bionomics, or venture to the dark side of the moon and visit marred, industrial locales like The Perpetual Core and Breaker Wharf. 

      Catalyst for Change

      As a teenager on Boreas, Tressa Crystal Smith prayed for and by the light of a broken moon. Fate brought her up to it when she ran away at 15 to join a terraforming crew working to rebuild the moon. She took to the work, feeling a connection between her work with ferrofluid and the rituals of her past. But the unwelcome arrival of the Apex Games brought her peaceful life to an end. 

      Now she joins the Games as Catalyst, a Legend determined to bring change and defend her home. She can use her ferrofluid to reinforce doors, form piercing spikes and obscure the playing field with high ferrofluid walls. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and by the time her opponents make the call, it will be far too late.

      Eclipse Battle Pass x Apex Legends

      Bewitch your enemies with the Eclipse Battle Pass. At level 25, gleam from the darkness as Ash in her Legendary “Imperial Assailant” and climb up the rungs to level 50 to unleash Revenant in his Legendary “Mail Order Monster”. 

      Bring disruption with the Legendary “Obsidian Night” HAVOC assault rifle and unlock Epic skins for Catalyst, Seer and Loba. Complete the Eclipse Battle Pass to unlock the Reactive “Laser Eviscerator” and “Cosmic Cannon” Charge Rifles. On the path to mastery, earn a new music pack, loading screens, emotes, banner frames and weapon charms. Players with the Eclipse Battle Pass can instantly unlock the first 25 levels.

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