Helldivers 2 latest Warbonds and updates

The fight is on Helldivers, and your expendable expertise is required to keep Super Earth safe from the invading alien scourge. Get the latest intel on new weapons and items, Warbonds and game patch notes.

Cutting Edge Premium Warbond

Get Warbonds for 1000 Super Credits

Do your bit for the Galactic War effort and unleash all-new toys of tactical chaos with the Cutting Edge Premium Warbond*.

Fresh out of Super Earth research and development, this unique anti-alien cache includes explosive firepower, prototype armour, cool capes and player cards, flexing emotes and utility boosters.

Enjoy freedom-dispensing fun across the galaxy with this cutting edge gear:

Cutting Edge weapons

The Cutting Edge warbond includes the LAS-16 SICKLE laser rifle, SG-8P PUNISHER PLASMA shotgun, ARC-12 BLITZER shotgun, LAS-7 DAGGER laser pistol as well as the G-23 stun grenade and enemy disruptor booster.

Defend democracy in style

Receive three sets of prototype armor and three capes.

Add to your armory

Unlock Head Tap, Shotgun and Presentable emotes, and three player cards. 

*Requires base game, paid purchase of Super Credits, and game progression to unlock.

Previous Warbonds

Browse through previous Warbonds, available to unlock now with Super Credits.

Warbonds are in-game catalogues for purchase that unlock featured items to prepare you for whatever hits the frontlines. Each one includes in-game weapons, armors, capes, emotes, stratagems, utilities and more.  

Each Warbond is not time-limited! Once you buy it, you’re free to go ahead and reap its rewards whenever you like.

Buy Super Credits on PlayStation Store

Purchase Warbonds in the in-game store with Super Credits

500 Super Credits

1000 Super Credits

2500 Super Credits

10000 Super Credits

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