Behind the scenes of God of War

Go behind the curtain and watch the Santa Monica Studio development team as they deconstruct the core elements that defined the series — satisfying combat, breathtaking scale, and a powerful narrative — and fuse them anew.


The monsters of God of War

Discover some of the terrifying creatures you’ll encounter during your perilous journey.  Witness their transformation from sketch, to digital painting, to a fully animated in-game character.


Feel the dread of an undead horror, fuelled by pure rage – a veritable blight on Midgard. 

Fire Troll

Fear the monstrous visage of this solitary creature with incredible strength and elemental powers.


Witness the power of this fearsome sorceress, twisted by zealous devotion to Seider magic.

Director’s commentary

Game Director Cory Barlog takes you through some of God of War’s pivotal scenes in these spoiler heavy videos – if you’ve not already completed the game, watch at your own risk…

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The making of God of War

Celebrate the one year anniversary of Santa Monica Studio’s acclaimed action-adventure, with this behind-the-scenes documentary following its development.

Go on a journey with game director Cory Barlog and his team as they experience a rollercoaster redemption story in their pursuit of perfection in game development.

As a bonus treat, a God of War Anniversary character avatar set and dynamic Theme await to give your PS4 a larger than life God of War feel. Both are available to download for free from PlayStation Store.