PlayStation Store Croatia currency change guide 

Important information about PlayStation™Store and PlayStation®Plus payments in Croatia.

Everything you need to know

From 1 January 2023, the unit of currency used in Croatia has changed from the Kuna to the Euro.

We’re now working to make the currency changeover on PlayStation Store. The PlayStation Store will support payment methods using Euros on 14th November.

What does this mean for me?

PlayStation Store will move to Euro on the 14th November. You will be able to make purchases using all available payment methods.

  • Until 14th November you will only be able to make payments using existing wallet funds, or by redeeming PlayStation Gift cards.
  • The funds in your wallet will be converted to Euros on November 14th. These funds will be converted using the official fixed exchange rate (7.53450 HRK to 1 EUR) rounded up to the nearest Euro Cent. For example, 76,00 HRK in your wallet will be converted to 10,0869 EUR and rounded up to 10,09 EUR. This amount will replace the previous Kuna value in the wallet.
  • Existing PlayStation Gift cards in Kuna will remain valid. Any vouchers redeemed on or after November 14th will be converted to Euros using the same formula as wallet funds.

  • PlayStation Gift cards in Euros can also be redeemed on PlayStation Store in Croatia from November 14th.
  • Following 9 November, you will no longer be able to make purchases from the Croatian PlayStation®3 or PlayStation®Vita stores.

Please note:

If you have previously set a monthly spending limit for a child account it will need to be set up again.

We also wanted to let you know that starting September 6 we increased the price for PlayStation Plus 12-month subscriptions globally across all benefit plans. For new PS Plus customers in Croatia, this increase will occur on the 14th November and for existing PS Plus customers in Croatia, this will occur on 28th November. This price adjustment will enable us to continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service.

Here are the new prices for PlayStation Plus subscription plans:

PlayStation Plus Essential

 1M 8.99 Euro | 3M 24.99 Euro | 12M 71.99 Euro

PlayStation Plus Extra

 1M 13.99 Euro | 3M 39.99 Euro | 12M 125.99 Euro

PlayStation Plus Premium

 1M 16.99 Euro | 3M 49.99 Euro | 12M 151.99 Euro

  • Your PlayStation Stars point balance has been adjusted to reflect Croatia's switch to the Euro currency.
  • The expiration date for these points has been reset, so your points will now expire 24 months from November 14th. This extends the lifespan of your existing point balance.

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