How FIFA 22 harnesses PS5's innovative features

Breakthrough HyperMotion technology combined with PS5's next-generation capabilities makes FIFA 22 a can't-miss entry of the storied franchise.

HyperMotion gameplay technology

With the invention of HyperMotion technology, FIFA is harnessing the power of the PS5 to enable unprecedented football realism, allowing players to forge a gameplay style that closely resembles how real-life footballers compete on the pitch.

Blazing fast load times

Maximize your play sessions and get from the menu to the match quicker thanks to PS5's powerful built-in SSD.

A revamped Main Menu

FIFA 22 introduces a new, dynamic Main Menu with a more intuitive and streamlined UI. Featuring an all-new Friends List view, the Main Menu enables you to get into an Online Match quickly by showing who is currently online.

Feel the action on the pitch in the palm of your hand

PS5's groundbreaking DualSense wireless controller brings you closer to the match in FIFA 22. From shots on goal and crunching tackles to the effects of diminishing stamina, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers enable you to feel the match in your hands like never before.

Player fatigue

PS5's adaptive triggers have paved the way to feel the impact of player fatigue, as triggers get harder to pull as a player's stamina decreases.

Kinetic Air Battles

Mid-air jostling for the ball is a crucial part of any football match. With enhanced two-player interaction technology and DualSense's Haptic Feedback, FIFA 22 reaches a new level of realism and responsiveness as players jump to meet crosses, clearances and long passes.

Next-Gen Net Physics

Haptic Feedback and FIFA 22's Next-Gen Net Physics amplifies the excitement of scoring a goal, allowing you to truly feel the sensation of the ball hitting the back of the net.

Immersive 3D audio

Next-Gen Net audio cues and on-pitch audio emphasize the drama of every goal and help make games sound like you're hearing them from the pitch. Along with enhanced matchday commentary, PS5 provides an immersive FIFA 22 audio experience.

Immersive Match Days

Enjoy a truly immersive match day experience as rays of light are individually simulated, creating true-to-life shadows and reflections on the pitch.

Living stadiums

FIFA 22's stadium experience is completely overhauled on the PS5 to allow for the recreation of iconic, authentic atmospheres from football’s most celebrated venues.

Dynamic lighting and pitches

An upgraded lighting system adds new levels of vibrancy and detail across the entire match. Even the blades of grass are emphasized, with new pitch textures changing dynamically across 90 minutes of play.

Enhanced humanization

The human element of football can't be overstated. PS5 helps FIFA 22 portray the true athleticism of world's top footballers as well as the passion and intensity in the stands as the crowd reacts to the action on the pitch.

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Standard Edition

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