Team Challenge

Riding on the Playful Festival Challenge, we have invited several influencers to lead the teams across Asia to achieve our community goal together.
Starting from today till Feb 11, 2021, register for the challenge and select the team you wish to join. Your game play hours will be recorded as part of the team score.
Join your favorite team, and team up to win the prizes.

Additionally, there are tournaments available for you to compete and clock your online multi-player game play hours too. Please click here to find out more.

Available Prizes

2-way Backpack

The top 20 players with longest gameplay hours in winning team will be rewarded with Backpack.

Tough Case

The top 20 players with longest gameplay hours in the 1st runner up team will be rewarded with Tough Case.

PlayStation Store Money Voucher HK$230

The top 20 players with longest gameplay hours in the 2nd runner up team will be rewarded with PlayStation Store Money Voucher HK$230.

Teams Available

Alodia Gosiengfiao (Philippines)
Team Puso (Puso means Heart)

Not only is she a famous cosplayer, Alodia is also an avid gamer and streamer. Support Alodia and join her now!

193,200 Hour

dogswellfish (South Korea)

Let's all gather and play together! Join Dogswellfish from South Korea today.

114,689 Hour

HajiKing (South Korea)
Haji Kingdom

From HajilKing: 'I'm serious about our game!' Sign up now and win together as a team.

71,991 Hour

Max Haze and J-Hunter (Malaysia)

Max and J first met in an online competition. Since then, they have been gaming, streaming and working together. Now, they are looking forward to you joining their team!

109,574 Hour

PokoPow (Indonesia)

Pokopow's favourite genres are Action RPG and FPS games. He enjoys sharing fun and engaging contents with like-minded audience. Join his team today and win this together!

89,562 Hour

shuteye_orange (Taiwan)

Shuteye_orange likes co-op games that allow him to interact with fellow gamers. And he is always looking forward to try new games. Join his team today.

57,105 Hour

Tat Gor (Hong Kong)
Team Brotherhood

An expert in FIFA Pro Clubs, Tat Gor welcomes you to join him as he shares his skills with everyone. Join his team today and have fun together!

152,382 Hour

Titan Gamers (Singapore)
Titan Gamers

From top gaming channel in Singapore, Titan Gamers welcome you to join them in their gameplays and live streams. Support them and win together as a team today!

101,141 Hour

Yezi (Taiwan)
Team Senyeyezi

Yezi or you can call her Leaf, is from Taiwan. Gaming is her life - so welcome to join her team and let's all play together!

169,803 Hour

MrCast (Thailand)

MrCast is an enthusiastic gamer who loves all things PlayStation. He is ready to lead his team to victory. Support MrCast and join him today!

113,584 Hour

*No purchase necessary. Open to participating regions / countries who are ages 18 and older. Void where prohibited. Read full terms and conditions.
*Application usage & gameplay hour data cut off day: 03/05/2021; Data will be updated in daily base except weekend.