More Services, Less Time, No Hassle

You can sign in to PlayStation Network using the same sign-in ID and password you already use with other participating Sony group services.

Participating Services*:

PlayStation Network

  • PlayStation Plus
  • PlayStation Music


Sony Mobile

Xperia Lounge
Xperia Store
Xperia Care
My Support
My Account
Developer World


* Service availability may vary depending on the country/region.

It’s easy:

  • To link your accounts, visit a participating service and sign in.
  • Follow the instructions to update your account. 
  • When you are done come back and sign in to PlayStation Network to link your account.

Now just one sign-in ID and password provide access to the participating Sony group services you already know and love.

Linking Your Accounts and Your Data

By linking your accounts for participating Sony group services:

  • You will be able to sign in to those services using the same sign-in ID and password.
  • You will not have to separately manage your core account information across each participating Sony service. We will regularly synchronize your core account information across participating Sony services, including your name, sign-in ID (email address), address, country/region, birthdate, gender, language, password and security question/answer. Each Sony group company is only responsible for its own use of your information. 

*Participating Sony group services may vary depending on country/region. Certain restrictions apply which you will be notified of during the linking process. Sub accounts for PlayStation Network may not be linked with accounts for other participating Sony group services.