Session: Skate Sim

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Express yourself freely and master innovative controls in this realistic skating sim

Made by and for skaters, Session: Skate Sim is an ultra-realistic skateboard game that combines '90s skate culture aesthetic with modern gameplay. 

Dual stick controls emulate the feeling your feet on a skateboard for total board and skater control. 

Try out real-life iconic skate spots, customise your skater and equipment with items from top skate brands.

Customising components (trucks, riser pads, wheels etc.) impact the way you skate. Find the right combination for your style and shred the most iconic spots.

Session: Skate Sim key features

Authentic gameplay

With the dual stick controls, each stick represents one of your feet. 

You will need to learn how to control them and transfer weight, just like on a real skateboard. The physics have been developed with a focus on realism, smoothness and immersion. 

Four difficulty levels and a full tutorial will get you kickflipping before you know it.

An homage to '90s skate culture

Inspired by the golden age of street skating – the 1990s – Session: Skate Sim lets you experience true skateboarding and its culture: no scoring system; just you, your spot and your imagination! 

Iconic locations will help you express your creativity, including Black Hubbas (New York City), Brooklyn banks (New York City), FDR Park (Philadelphia) and many other spots.

"If it wasn't caught on video, it didn't happen"

Skating and pulling off the best lines in the best spots is one thing, but if no one is there to film it, it didn't really happen.

In Session: Skate Sim, you can film with a 1990s filter or fisheye lens, and you can use the video editor to create your clips and share them. Tweak your camera settings, including changing the field of view, time of day, filters, and different camera views. 

Extensive skater and skateboard customisation

Dress in style with nearly 200 clothing items from top brands, such as Fallen, Zero, GrindKing and others. 

You can also customise your skateboard with over 250 parts, such as wheels, trucks and many other components from famous brands including No-Comply, GrindKing, Thankyou and many others. 

PS4, PS5
Simulation, Sport
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