No Heroes Allowed! VR (English/Chinese/Korean Ver.)

Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • 1 player
  • PS4 Version
    PS VR headset required
  • PS Camera required

***Seeking Applicants to be the God of Destruction!***
No Experience Needed! Start Your Career in World Domination Today!

<Application Details>
We are looking for applications from prospective employees to become the God of Destruction and conquer the world.
The role is simple, your duties will revolve around raising monsters and achieving world domination.

Would you like to work with us in the Badman Army, breed unique monsters, send them out to aim for world domination? Our wonderful colleagues Badman and Badmella will help guide you through the basics of conquering the planet. We believe in a policy of giving big responsibilities even to new starters, so even someone with no experience will be able to topple a fortress in under 10 minutes!

< Great Reasons to Join No Heroes Allowed! VR!’
• No experience required! Maintain balance in the food chain, raise monsters and create your very own monster army!
• Repel any annoying heroes that get in the way using your monsters. Job satisfaction guaranteed!
• Enjoy welcoming workplace with Badman, Badmella and a quirky collection of monsters.
• Full Commission! All land you conquer is yours to keep!
• Experience an entertaining workplace full of laughter.

< Comments from Staff >
“You’d be surprised how suited you are to being a God of Destruction. The feeling of sending heroes back running to their bases with your monsters is addictive.” (Mr Y, 28 Years Old, Joined 1 Month Ago)

“I really deepened my bond with Badman through the immersiveness of VR.” (Ms. N, 30 Years Old, Joined 1 Month Ago)

“Badmella is really cute…” (Mr R, 25 Years Old, Joined 2 Months Ago)

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Sony Interactive Entertainment
Simulation, Strategy
PlayStation VR is not for use by children under the age of 12.

PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera are required to play the PS4 version of this game.

VR games may cause some players to experience motion sickness.

To play this game on PS5, your system may need to be updated to the latest system software. Although this game is playable on PS5, some features available on PS4 may be absent. See for more details.

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