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Find out what to do if your delivery goes missing or is damaged.

What happens if my delivery goes missing?

If your package status is “Delivered”, but you can’t find your order. Please follow these steps:

  • Look for a note from your carrier to see if there were any delivery instructions.
  • Check with other people in your household or your neighbors to see if they received the package.
  • If you live within an apartment or multi-resident complex, please check with your front desk attendant, mailroom or security and ask if the package has arrived under your name.
  • Please wait 48 business hours after the tracking update.

What happens if my delivery is missing an item?

Check your order status to confirm the items for each shipment. Orders may have multiple shipments and items.

Please double-check the shipping package and inside the product box(es). Sometimes items in the packaging may be missed.

If you’re still missing an item, please contact PlayStation Support for additional assistance. Please have your order number ready.

What happens if my delivery is damaged?

If the packaging of your delivery appears to be damaged, please remove and examine the product to see if there has been any damage.

If the product has been damaged you can set up a refund or replacement order by visiting the guides below.

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