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Building the ultimate PS5 gaming setup

From the best TVs and sound systems for gaming to handy additional extras, our useful one-stop guide will help you create an unrivalled home gaming setup.

Televisions and sound systems

Part I: Sight and sound

Key to any top-tier gaming setup are two fundamentals: eye-popping visuals and spine-tingling sound. Get these two elements right and everything else will benefit as well.

Television sets

Take a look at your gaming room. You’ll want to pick a TV that fits the space well. The greater your viewing distance, the bigger the screen you can accommodate. Start by grabbing a tape measure and figuring out what size will suit you – there’s a great guide here to get you started.

Absolute immersion


The brightest ever 4K BRAVIA delivers supreme contrast and expanded color volume, keeping images vivid and saturated even at high luminance levels so you see pictures just as the creators intended. Auto HDR Tone Mapping instantly optimises HDR settings during the PS5® console's initial setup. and Auto Genre Picture Mode switches the TV to Game Mode to minimize lag and maximize responsiveness. 

Available sizes: 165cm (65")*, 189 cm (75"), 215 cm (85")

*65" model unavailable in EU.

3D soundscapes


Engineered for bright cutting edge pictures and cinematic sound, this TV promises superior gaming moments. Extreme brightness and astonishing contrast deliver truly exhilarating pictures, while two powerful side-mounted speakers reproduce clear sound from the screen. 3D Surround Upscaling creates virtual surround from above and the sides using just the TV speakers, immersing you deeper in the worlds of your favorite games.

Available sizes: 139 cm (55"), 164 cm (65"), 189 cm (75"), 215 cm (85")

Slim and chic


The elegant design of the BRAVIA 8 blends in with your living space with slim styling that harmonizes in any environment. The infinite blacks and stunning detail of OLED provide astonishing texture and realism, while actuators behind the screen vibrate and turn it into a speaker that delivers clear and immersive sound from the centre. BRAVIA 8 provides the same suite of game-enhancing features as the other BRAVIA models, taking your PlayStation 5 console experience to the next level.

Available sizes: 139 cm (55"), 164 cm (65"), 195 cm (77")

Audio systems

As with your TV selection, consider the space you’re working with. Full surround systems deliver incredible sound but require additional space and set up; sound bars don’t have the same versatility but deliver great results in a smaller, self-contained form factor. Headsets, meanwhile, are perfect for a more intimate experience in shared spaces.

Ultimate audio immersion

BRAVIA Theatre Bar 9

Combining physical and phantom speakers, BRAVIA Theatre Bar 9 uses 360 Spatial Sound Mapping to creates a wider surround sound field for outstanding immersion. The Bar 9 features a new two-way speaker with added tweeters for front and centre, built-in quad woofers and passive radiators for impressive bass, and side speakers, beam tweeters and up-firing speakers to complete the room-filling aural experience.

*Product availability varies by countries / regions. 

Sound for a wider audience

BRAVIA Theatre Bar 8

Create an immersive, atmospheric sound experience with BRAVIA Theatre Bar 8's 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology and 11 speaker units. A new two-way speaker delivers wider surround sound, bolstered by a built-in quad woofer, side speakers and up-firing speakers.

*Product availability varies by countries / regions. 

Comfort and immersion

PULSE Elite™ wireless headset

Enjoy extraordinary lifelike sound in your favorite games with planar magnetic drivers and hear every detail through a lossless and lightning-fast PlayStation Link™ wireless connection.

  • Convenient retractable mic and AI-enhanced noise rejection ensure crystal-clear voice capture.
  • Always be ready to immerse yourself in your favorite games with up to 30 hours' battery life and a companion charging hanger.
  • Simultaneously connect to your PS5 console with PlayStation Link and a mobile device via Bluetooth.

Portable design

PULSE Explore™ wireless earbuds

Enter a new era in gaming audio at home and on the go with the PULSE Explore wireless earbuds. Enjoy extraordinary lifelike sound with planar magnetic drivers and lightning-fast, ultra-low latency PlayStation Link wireless technology in a portable earbud design.

  • Stay in play with up to 5 hours of battery life and up to an additional 10 hours via the included charging case.
  • Bring clear voice capture to your party chat through two hidden integrated mics and AI-enhanced noise rejection technology.
  • Listen to audio from a PlayStation Link and Bluetooth device simultaneously to stay in play as you answer calls or enjoy music from a mobile device.

Amazing value


The S100F’s slim profile design fits easily in your home and offers enhanced sound quality delivered by a two-channel sound bar with a Bass Reflex speaker. S-Force Front Surround technology emulates cinema-style sound fields for rich audio that fills the room.

*Product availability varies by countries / regions. 


If you have the space, budget and ambition, then you can always take things a step further. Why not invest in a home projector system and turn your next gaming session into a mind-blowing, theater-scale experience?

A true HDR experience


The compact, beautifully styled VPL-XW7000ES blends effortlessly into today’s living spaces. The native 4K HDR laser projector features a long-lasting laser light source that delivers an impressive 3,200 lumens brightness – plenty for vibrant, punchy pictures even in brightly lit living rooms, home cinemas and media rooms.

4K entertainment


Featuring true 4K HDR entertainment to your home with the VPL-XW5000ES, a native 4K laser projector with 2,000 lumens of high brightness and a compact, cost-effective design. Our newly developed technologies, including the all-new Native 4K SXRD panel, deliver wide dynamic range, high resolution and vivid colours, even if you’re watching in a well-lit space. 


TV size is measured between between the two opposite corners of a display panel, which excludes the plastic outer frame (the 'bezel') of the device. For example, a 65" display measures exactly 65" (165cm) between the top-left and bottom right-hand corners of the display panel.

Traditional flat-screen televisions have a limited display range of colors and brightness levels, meaning that they cannot always recreate the exact vibrance or hue of the real world. High-dynamic range (HDR) is a special technology that creates a much broader range of colors and light levels within a picture, improving the contrast between colors and areas of light and dark to create a more true-to-life image.

Spatial Sound Mapping is a special technology used to simulate directional sound in an interior space. It can be implemented in a whole variety of ways, but in principle, it uses internal microphones and spatial sound data to create the impression of 'phantom' sound sources within a room, making it feel like sound is coming from many different directions, even if it's only coming from a small number of speakers.

Though this is a highly complex question to answer, the shortest and simplest way to understand it is that pixels on an OLED screen emit their own light, while pixels on an LCD display (which include LED displays) are either backlit, or lit from the edge and not emissive in their own right.

The difference from a viewer's perspective is that OLEDs tend to enjoy better contrast and improved viewing angles while LCD displays are brighter overall, meaning they're easier to read in brightly lit rooms and display color better at higher brightness levels. 

This is a very generalised overview - manufacturers have all kinds of bespoke technologies which greatly vary the performance of their displays, so it's always worth reading the specs for any TV closely before you buy.

Compared to LCD panels that are lit with standard LEDs, panels using Mini-LEDs (which, as the name suggests, are smaller than LEDs) offer improved contrast and deeper, truer blacks.


Part II: Taking control

Once you’ve got the perfect audio-visual experience dialled in, the next step is to consider how you connect yourself with what’s happening on screen.

Wireless controllers

No ultimate setup is complete without a wireless controller, whether it's the immersive DualSense™ wireless controller, the ultra-customizable DualSense Edge™ wireless controller or the accessible and incredibly versatile Access™ controller. 

Heighten Your Senses™

DualSense wireless controller

If you own a PlayStation 5 console then you already have one DualSense wireless controller. However, if you want to bring your gaming space alive with a local multiplayer session, you'll need to grab a few additional controllers to team up or throw down with your nearest and dearest.

Perfect Your Play

DualSense Edge™ wireless controller

If you’re looking to get an edge in gameplay than equip your ultimate gaming set-up with the DualSense Edge controller:

  • Tailor your experience with remappable buttons, tuneable triggers and sticks, changeable stick caps, and more.
  • Configure your stick sensitivity, stick dead zones, and trigger dead zones for finely tuned inputs.
  • Enjoy haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and our signature controller comfort.*

*Haptic feedback and adaptive trigger features available when supported by game.

Empowered Play™

Access controller

Designed in close collaboration with the accessibility community to help players with disabilities play more comfortably for longer, this versatile controller kit can be customized to meet players’ diverse needs.

  • Configure the button layout to suit your range of mobility and switch between the included stick caps to find the shape and texture that suits you. 
  • Place the controller wherever play is most comfortable for you: from any 360° orientation, on different flat surfaces, a wheelchair tray, or attached to an AMPS pattern mount1.
  • Use up to two Access controllers together as a single virtual controller, or combine one or two Access controllers with a DualSense or DualSense Edge wireless controller to add their immersive features2 to your setup.

1AMPS is an industry-standard mounting screw pattern for attaching devices to equipment, including accessibility.

2Haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, motion sensor and touch pad swipe available when supported by game.

Specialist controllers

For ultimate immersion, some games can be enhanced by a controller custom-built for the experience. Whether you're chasing time trial glory on world-renowned racing circuits or trying to bring the arcade flavor home, these specialist controllers will take your ultimate gaming experience to the next level.

Flight sticks

Bring realistic controls and heightened immersion to your flight sim games.

True simulation

T.Flight Hotas 4

Take to the skies and fly with total control thanks to the life-sized, super-responsive throttle, dual-rudder joystick and fully mappable buttons contained in this officially licensed flight stick from Thrustmaster.

Racing wheels

Feel even greater connection to the roads with an officially licensed racing wheel, available from a range of pioneering racing simulator brands.

Logitech Pro Racing Wheel

Logitech G923

Fanatec GT-DD

Thrustmaster T300

Thrustmaster T248

Hori Racing Wheel Apex

Arcade fighting sticks        

Step into the ring with the upper hand and pull off perfect combos with one of these officially licensed fight sticks.

Victrix Pro FS

Razer Kitsune

Hori Fighting Stick α (alpha)

Victrix Pro FS 12

Qanba Titan

Nacon Daija


In the context of the DualSense wireless controller, haptic feedback is the cutting edge technology that allows the controllers to a produce huge, nuanced and wildly varied array of effects that can be felt while holding the device. 

These effects add to immersion, simulating everything from the gritty rumble of car tyres skidding through gravel to the gentle patter of rain on a space suit. 

Four. You can sync up to four DualSense controllers with a single PlayStation 5 console and, in games that support local multiplayer, you and up to three others can play at the same time.

There are ten official color variants1 of the DualSense wireless controller: Classic White, Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Starlight Blue, Nova Pink, Galactic Purple, Grey Camouflage, Cobalt Blue, Volcanic Red and Sterling Silver.

1Accurate as of May 2024

Some people would certainly argue as much. One factor in their favor is that a steering wheel has a much larger distance of travel than a controller thumbstick, meaning small refinements are generally easier to make. 

That said, larger changes will take slightly more effort to execute as you'll have to move your hands further. One thing is for sure though: playing a driving game with a steering wheel controller is certainly more true to life!

Games & extras

Part III: Optimizing your build

Your PlayStation 5 console is connected to your system and it’s looking and sounding great. Next up: it’s time to eliminate distractions and optimize for ease and convenience.

An expansive library

The world’s greatest gaming setup won’t mean a whole lot without games to play. For that top-tier experience you’ll want a huge library at your fingertips with as little friction as possible between you and your favorite games.

PlayStation Plus Extra

Join the Extra tier of PlayStation Plus and you'll get immediate access to a catalogue of over 400 games, including massive blockbusters like Ghost of Tsushima and Marvel's Avengers, and critically acclaimed indie hits like Hollow Knight and Dead Cells. Yours to browse, download and play, the second you sign up.

PlayStation Plus Premium

If you want to go one step further, join the Premium tier of PlayStation Plus and get access to all the great games in the PlayStation Plus Extra catalogue, along with a collection of iconic classics stretching back through PlayStation's 25 year history, including hits like Tekken 2, Jak & Daxter, Fallout New Vegas and more.

Extra storage

Save even more games, video clips and screenshots with extra internal and external storage.

Extra space for PS5 blockbusters


If you're looking to add more super-fast storage space to your PS5 console, then the officially licensed Western Digital SN850P SSD range is perfect. 

Built to meet the lightning-fast loading demands of the PS5 console, the SN850P expands internal storage by up to 4TB. It's easy to install thanks to its all-in-one heatsink design and allows you to play PS5 and PS4 games directly from the SSD.

A home for all your favorite PS4 games

Seagate Game Drive

With all those games to download, you'll need somewhere to store them locally. Seagate's officially licensed Game Drive for PS4 and PS5 consoles offer a portable, plug-and-play solution with 2TB and 5TB storage options—enough for dozens of games—and can easily be swapped between your PS4 and PS5 consoles. 

You can store and play PS4 games directly from the game drive and store PS5 games to free up space on your internal SSD and transfer them to the console when it’s time to play.

Finishing touches

Finesse your gaming space with a selection of special extras designed to give you added convenience and create more ways to express yourself.

Toning in

PS5 console covers

Lastly, a question of style. Take a look around you, what colour would best complement the overall ambience your room?

You can easily complement your interior decor with one of six stylish PS5 console covers to replace the classic white tone. They're straightforward to swap out, come in one of six colours and are available for both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition - a final aesthetic flourish! 

Locked and loaded

DualSense charging station

Not a just a stylish cradle to store you DualSense controller between play sessions, the DualSense charging station will also keep your controllers charged and ready for play. 

It has room for two controllers, either DualSense or DualSense Edge controllers, meaning you'll always have a spare charged if a friend drops by. It also plugs straight into the mains, freeing up USB ports on your PS5 console.

Set the scene

HD Camera

If you've ever had a mind to share gaming sessions with your friends* or even stream your gaming exploits online*, then a HD Camera is a perfect addition to your setup. 

This stylish plug-and-play camera can be mounted above or below your TV, captures in full HD and even has in-built cut-out features to remove backgrounds and place you in the centre of your gaming experience.

*Internet and account for PlayStation™ Network required.

Winding down

Media Remote

On PlayStation 5 consoles you can stream a whole bunch of great entertainment from a whole different range of services1, depending on where you are in the world2.

The media remote for PS5 consoles is the perfect companion for winding down after a heavy gaming session and includes volume controls that integrate with compatible TVs, traditional rewind, fast-forward, pause and play buttons for effortless playback and dedicated buttons for popular services like Spotify and Netflix. 

1Streaming services may require paid subscription and are not avalaible in all countries.
Internet and account for PlayStation™ Network required. Account holders must be 7+, under 18s require parental consent. Full terms apply:

Connect and control

PlayStation App

Keep in touch with your home gaming set up, even when you're not in the house. With the PlayStation App for Android and iOS you can:

  • Connect with friends on PlayStation Network, message, start or join chat parties and set up gaming sessions.
  • Browse the PlayStation Store and add new purchases to your download list, so they're ready the moment you are. 
  • Sign-in, launch games and manage your internal console storage remotely*, all via your smartphone.

*Feature supported when the console is in rest mode.

PS Remote Play gaming

Play your favorite games on PS5 consoles, pause the action and switch to another compatible device without being tied to the TV.

Play your PS5 console over your home Wi-Fi with console-quality controls and a gorgeous built-in 8" display using PlayStation Portal remote player*.

PlayStation Portal Remote Player can stream compatible games installed on your PS5 console. PlayStation Portal Remote Player requires broadband internet Wi-Fi with at least 5Mbps for use. For a better play experience, a high-speed connection of at least 15Mbps is recommended. The quality and connectivity of your play experience may vary depending on your network environment. A PS5 console and account for PlayStation Network is required. The PS5 console must be connected to a broadband internet connection, powered on fully or in Rest Mode, and it must be paired with your PlayStation Portal Remote Player.


An SSD or 'Solid State Drive' is a modern digital storage solution that is considerably faster and more sophisicated than a traditional hard-disc drive (HDD).

While HDDs rely on layers of spinning 'platters' to store data, an SSD drive uses a type of solid-state flash memory to store data. The key advantage is the lack of moving parts, meaning that SSDs are faster, quieter and generally more reliable than their mechanical forerunners.  

The PS5 console cover—the white outer shell of the PS5—is designed for easy home removal, requiring just a few simple steps to remove it and replace it with a color variant of your choice. There's a full step-by-step guide right here.

The maximum storage capacity for external hard drives on PS5 is 8TB— enough space to store literally hundreds of games. You can find more details on external USB storage right here.