PlayStation Store season pass support

PlayStation Store season pass support

Learn more about season passes, where they can be purchased, and how to find your season pass content.

What is a PlayStation Store season pass?

Many publishers offer "season passes" for games on PlayStation™Store which allow players to access multiple sets of extra content with a one-time payment. This may include:

  • Downloadable content (DLC)
  • Virtual currency
  • In-game items
Season passes often include content that will become available over the coming months. Please note, some season passes are available for purchase before any content is available. Always check the release dates on PlayStation Store.

Where does season pass content appear?

After you've purchased a season pass from PlayStation Store (or redeemed a season pass voucher), it is active. The content is linked to your account, but you’ll need to manually download the content (DLC, virtual currency, or in-game items) from PlayStation Store once it has been released. When looking for season pass DLC, please follow these steps:

  1. Check what content is included in the season pass by searching for the season pass by name on PlayStation Store.
  2. Check the release dates for the season pass content on PlayStation Store or by visiting the publisher's website.
  3. Search for the released DLC on PlayStation Store and select Download.

Can’t find season pass content?

  1. Check your transaction history to see if your season pass purchase was successful.
  2. Check the season pass content and release dates on PlayStation Store.
  3. If you’re looking for a game item such as a skin, theme, or in-game currency, first check PlayStation Store or the publisher's website to see whether the content is available in your country and how to access it. You may find that you need to reach a specific point in the game to unlock certain season pass items.

Having issues with season pass content?

If you search for season pass DLC on PlayStation Store and the content has a price next to it, please follow these steps:

  1. Check your transaction history to see if the season pass purchase was successful.
  2. Visit PlayStation Store and the publisher's website to check that the DLC has been released and is included in your season pass.
  3. Make sure you are searching for the exact content mentioned on the PlayStation Store page.
  4. Sign out of PlayStation™Network and sign back in. Please make sure that you’re using the account that was used to purchase the season pass.
  5. Try restoring your licenses.
If you have checked the steps above, but there is still a price next to the season pass DLC on PlayStation Store, please contact PlayStation Support.

Need to contact PlayStation Support?

If you’re still having issues contact PlayStation Support using the link at the bottom of this page. Please provide:

  • Details of your purchase.
  • A screenshot or video showing that the downloadable content isn’t showing in-game.

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