Rez Infinite

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Released 02/22/2023
  • 1 player
  • PS5 Version
    VR play styles: sitting, standing
  • PlayStation VR2 optional
  • PlayStation VR2 headset vibration optional
  • PS VR2 Sense controllers optional
  • PS VR2 Sense controller vibration optional
  • Vibration function supported (DualSense wireless controller)

Blast your way through mind-melting visuals and amazing beats in your quest through cyberspace.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate version of Rez, a thrilling journey of sights, sounds and shooting action.

Experience 360 degrees of mind-blowing synesthesia as you blast your way through waves of enemies and massive transforming bosses. Your actions trigger dazzling displays of color and sounds that seamlessly sync and blend to the beat of Rez’s legendary techno soundtrack.

Play in 2D or fully immerse yourself in VR and enjoy the new features exclusive to PS5 and PS VR2. 

Owners of the PS4 version can download and transfer PS4 saved data to the PS5 using cloud or extended storage, or connect to the same network and transfer data directly from PS4 to PS5.

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Rez Infinite


    Rez Infinite


      Rez Infinite key features

      The definitive experience

      Enjoy fully remastered versions of all five classic Areas, and the immersive, 360-degree free-flying experience Area X, created with VR in mind.

      Music to your eyes

      The PS5 upgrade runs at 4K at 60 frames per second, with full 5.1/7.1 surround sound support for Rez's iconic soundtrack.

      Explore a global network

      Traverse the Project-K network as you attempt to find and re-awaken the self-aware AI Eden. Fly through the system and destroy the the digital defenses that stand in your way.

      How Rez Infinite uses innovative PlayStation VR2 features

      PS VR2's advanced features provide the sharpest, smoothest and most sensory Rez Infinite experience yet. Enjoy the resolution of 2000x2040 per eye, running in smooth 120fps, and full 3D audio for the VR-optimized Area X.

      The PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers and PS VR2 headset combine to create a heightened tactile experience, with haptic vibrations accompanying the game's pulsing rhythms. And, thanks to PS VR2's eye-tracking technology, you can now track and aim at enemies just by looking at them.

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      Enhance Games
      Action, Music/Rhythm, Shooter
      Screen Languages:
      Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
      PlayStation VR2 isn't for use by children under age 12.

      This item includes PlayStation VR2 content. PlayStation VR2 is required to experience these features.

      VR games may cause some players to experience motion sickness.

      Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy ( &

      Software subject to license (

      You can download and play this content on the main PS5 console associated with your account (through the “Console Sharing and Offline Play” setting) and on any other PS5 consoles when you login with your same account.
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