PlayStation Safety for parents

Learn how to tailor your child’s experience and help them keep themselves safe online.

What can my child do on PlayStation™Network?

Once your child has an account for PlayStation Network (PSN), they can make friends online, play games with other people, chat (by text, voice and video), send content such as photos and screenshots using messages, join online communities dedicated to specific games or subjects and update their What’s New feed with posts.

What safety tools can I use to manage my child’s experience on PSN?

By setting up your account as a family manager and creating a separate child account for each child with their date of birth, you can tailor their online experience according to their age and maturity. 

Each child account comes with parental controls that let you manage their experience. You can manage various settings, such as what features your child can access, whether they can exchange photos and videos with other users, whether they can shop on PlayStation™ Store and how much they can spend each month.

Set up child accounts

To create accounts for your children, you must have an account for PlayStation Network. Once you have your own account, you can create accounts for each child.

Each child under 18 years of age needs a separate child account for our online services. 

PS5 set up family

Set parental controls

Parents can configure the settings of child accounts through parental controls. 

As a family manager, you can set the following parental controls on each child account:

  • Restrict communication with other players
  • Restrict viewing content created by other players 
  • Set play time controls 
  • Set spending limits 
  • Restrict access to web browser

Monitor your child's linked services

View and manage your child's access to third-party services and apps that they've linked their accounts to.

Prevent your child from changing parental controls

To prevent your child from creating a new account, which doesn’t have parental controls on it, disable new user creation and guest login, set a login passcode on your account, and set a system restriction passcode. 

To add an extra layer of security, you can activate a setting called ‘Require Password at Checkout’ on your account. This feature prevents anyone using your family manager account to make a PlayStation Store purchase without the account password. 

PS4 play time controls
PS4 child spending limits
PS4 restrict games

Talk to your child about online safety

Make sure you understand the Code of Conduct and explain it to your children. It shows how they should behave and how others should behave towards them.

We created the PSN Rules for children to read. They summarize key points of the Code of Conduct for them.

Make sure your children know how to:

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