PlayStation Network rules

What players aged below 20 need to know before going online with PlayStation.

Before you start using PlayStation Network (PSN)

Read these rules – they will help you have a better time playing online.

Talk to the adult who usually looks after you (we'll call them your Responsible Adult) about using PSN and what you want to do.

What is PlayStation Network?

PlayStation Network—or PSN—is our name for all the stuff you can do over the Internet on your PlayStation console.

With an account for PSN you can create your own nickname and profile, add a picture and connect with other friends who have an account for PSN.

What can I do on PSN?

If your Responsible Adult is happy for you to sign up, your PSN account will let you:

  • Play games on the Internet with people.
  • Chat and message with people.
  • Share your videos and pictures and see other peoples’ videos and pictures.
  • Buy and download or stream new games.
  • Buy and download some movies and TV shows.

How do I get onto PSN?

  • First, you'll need your Responsible Adult to say it's OK to sign up.
  • With their help, you can create your account for PSN when you switch on your console (just choose 'New user' and follow the instructions).
  • When you create your account, it's important that everything you tell us is true, especially your birthday – don’t pretend to be older than you are.

Our top 3 rules

Don't try to buy anything without permission

Never use  anyone else's bank card, phone or PayPal account unless they are with you and they have said it's OK. If you want to buy something, ask your Responsible Adult first.

Never be mean to people or laugh at them

Never call other people names.
Never tell them you or someone else is going to hurt them.
Never make fun of them for being different to you. That means not being  mean because of the colour of people's skin, their religion, where they live or how much money they have.

Don't tell anyone on PSN too much about yourself

Do not tell people your real name, where you live or where you go to school. Do not send anyone pictures of yourself or anyone else.
Never go to meet anyone from PSN in real life without taking your Responsible Adult.

There are a lot more rules for using PSN. You should ask your Responsible Adult to read them to you when you join and explain anything you don't understand.

What if I break the rules?

We can stop your account working

That means you won't be able to play your games online. You'll also lose your V-Bucks and FIFA Points and other things you have bought.

We could tell the police

If you do something very serious, we'll let the police know.

PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store is our shop for games, movies and many other things that you can buy and download. Just like the rest of PSN, there are some rules for using PlayStation Store:

  • BEFORE you buy anything, you must make sure your Responsible Adult is happy for you to spend their money.
  • When you buy a game from the PlayStation Store, we send you a link so you can download and play it.
  • If you do not download a game, you can get your money back.
  • If a game you bought does not work, you can get your money back.
  • You may need help from your Responsible Adult to contact us and get your money back. They can check the full PSN Terms and work out what to do.
  • If you bought a game by mistake or you do not want the game anymore, do not download it. Tell your Responsible Adult immediately.
  • If a game you bought does not work, tell your Responsible Adult immediately.
  • Some games connect you to PlayStation Store to buy things. They usually show you what you can buy and show you the price before sending you to PlayStation Store to buy it. Then they take you back to the game. What you bought will be in-game to use immediately. You can only get your money back if it does not work.  

Game shops, V-Bucks, FIFA Points and other Virtual Currencies

Some games use made-up money called "Virtual Currency". Things like 'FIFA Points' and 'V-Bucks' are examples of Virtual Currency. You need to know that:

  • You cannot take V-Bucks and other Virtual Currency out of the game.
  • Sometimes you get Virtual Currency by doing things in a game. For example, finishing a level, finding items in game, winning a match and things like that.
  • You can also buy Virtual Currency with real money.
  • Every time you buy Virtual Currency, it has a real-world price that your Responsible Adult has to pay. Be careful how many V-Bucks, FIFA Points and other Virtual Currency you use. Do not buy more Virtual Currency without checking with your Responsible Adult.

There are a lot more rules for using PSN, but if you follow these 3 rules and never try to cheat, you will be OK. Ask your Responsible Adult to read the full PSN Terms with you when you join and explain anything you don't understand.

What else do I need to know?

  • PSN is like the rest of the world. Not everyone is always nice, but we work hard to make sure everyone behaves well.
  • Some people can be mean or do things you don't like.
  • We have a way you can tell us if someone is mean or you see something on PSN that you do not like and you can stop them from contacting you by blocking them. You and your Responsible Adult can find out how to do this in our Help and Support section here.
  • Talk to your Responsible Adult about what you do on PSN and who you play with. They can help you make sensible decisions and stay safe.
  • If anyone on PSN makes you feel unhappy, tell your Responsible Adult or a teacher or another adult you trust.
  • Do not be afraid to tell us if something happens that you don't like. If you tell us, the person won't find out it was you that told us and we can stop them doing the same thing to someone else.
  • Do not tell anyone your password — not even if they tell you they will give you games or money. They can use your password to steal your account.
  • People who work for PSN will never ask for your password. 

Who runs PlayStation Network? 

We run PSN. We are a company called Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

How do I contact you?

If you have a problem with your console or game, the best way to contact us is by using a form on our website.