Privacy Information for Young Players

Who makes PlayStation?

We're Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

We're part of a wider group of companies called Sony Interactive Entertainment, and we make PlayStation.

What does PlayStation know about me?

When you create your account, we ask for information like your name and birthday.

We also collect information whenever you use a PlayStation console online, our apps, or our websites. We collect:

  • The actions of your in-game characters
  • Messages, videos, and images you capture or share with other people
  • How you use the features of PlayStation, like our store, music and movies

What do you do with my information?

We use it to provide fun services for you and personalise your experience on your PlayStation.

We also need some information to fix bugs, and to keep you safe when you're playing with other people.

Does PlayStation share my information?

We share basic information about you and how you play games with the companies that make those games.

The basic information includes your online ID, age and country. Companies that make the games need that information to run the games you play, or run their business.

We never share your password with them.

We may share your personal information across our companies in the United Kingdom, the USA, and Japan.

How can I stay safe online?

  • Tell a responsible adult – that’s the adult who usually looks after you - if anything or anyone makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Choose a special password just for PlayStation, and keep it secret.
  • Don't tell people your real name, where you live, your phone number, or your school.
  • Don't send anyone pictures of you.
  • Report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

How can I control my information?

We can give you a copy of the info that we collected about you, and you can ask us to make changes, ask us to stop using it, limit its use, or even erase it.

You also have the ability to adjust your privacy settings. Your responsible adult can help you with these, and also choose whether you can freely communicate with other users.

What's next?

Now you know more about your privacy on PlayStation. Thanks for reading!

  • If you want to know more, you can look at the full Privacy Policy with a responsible adult on your PlayStation console later or by going to