Super Mega Baseball 4

Electronic Arts Inc.
Released 2023/06/03
  • PS Plus required for online play
  • Supports up to 4 online players with PS Plus
  • Online play optional
  • 1 - 4 players
  • Remote Play supported

What is Super Mega Baseball 4?

Get ready to knock it out of the park with over 200 baseball Legends.

The critically acclaimed, arcade-inspired baseball series is up to bat again, now boasting a huge selection of former pro players and a dedicated Legends league for them all to compete in.

Super Mega Baseball 4’s presentation has received a substantial upgrade across the board, from refreshed All-Star character models and overhauled lighting, to updated cutscene animations and the addition of six new stadiums.

Developer MetalHead has incorporated a number of popular community requests, most notably a greatly expanded player Trait system that brings added depth to building your roster. Additionally, cross-platform multiplayer now includes cross-generation matchmaking in Pennant Race and Online Leagues, giving you even more options to play with friends.


Standard Edition

  • Super Mega Baseball™ 4 PS5™
  • Super Mega Baseball™ 4 PS4™

Ballpark Edition

  • Super Mega Baseball™ 4 PS5™
  • Super Mega Baseball™ 4 PS4™
  • Peril Point
  • Ciudad de Colores*
  • Castillo Arena*

Super Mega Baseball 4 key features

Hundreds of baseball Legends

Over 200 former pro baseball players like John Franco, Ron Gant and Robin Yount are transformed into larger-than-life Legends who can play alongside your favourite Super Mega All-Stars.

A true league of Legends

A dedicated Legends league mode lets you play as teams organised by era. Alternately, mix up Legends and Super Mega All-Stars in Shuffle Draft for a truly unique roster, or play with four rotating Legends on each Pennant Race roster.

From request to reality

Numerous community-requested features are now part of the game, including 55 new Traits, automatic walks, automatic runners, two-way players, expanded bullpens and customisable free agent pools.

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