Online multiplayer comes alive on PlayStation VR2

Discover an incredible new level of immersion as you join friends and rivals in some of the best online multiplayer experiences on PS VR2.

Gran Turismo 7

Climb inside the cockpit of some of the world's most performant and sought-after sports cars and face off against friends and rivals online. Races can feature up to 20 players online, span a range of race types and conditions, and take you to some of the world's most famous motorsport circuits.

Arizona Sunshine 2

Join up to three friends online and blast your way through the zombie apocalypse. Choose your weapon of choice - from classic firearms like pistols and shotguns to improvised cudgels like frying pans and crowbars - and work as a team to take down terrifying hordes of the undead.

Beat Saber

Take your slashing skills online and compete with up to four other players to see who can set the highest scores on your favorite songs. Beat Saber's unique rhythm-action gameplay challenges you to cut your way through the beat with two laser sabers, dodging oncoming walls and bombs and racking up score combos.

Sci-fi exploration

No Man's Sky

Lose yourself in a galactic odyssey as you and up to three other intrepid explorers chart a path across an entire galaxy. Visit hundreds of star systems and thousands of planets, collect rare technology and ancient artifacts, catalog entire alien ecosystems, and do battle with space pirates. The universe is yours to explore.

Among Us VR

Take on the role of Crewmate or Imposter as you and a crew of nine others work to stabilize a floundering spaceship. As a Crewmate, you'll need to ensure the crew's survival by completing tasks and hunting the Imposter; as an Imposter, your job is to scupper the vessel by taking out your Crewmates, sabotaging their work, and doing everything you can to evade capture. 

Crossfire: Sierra Squad

Become the leader of an elite paramilitary fireteam in a long-running rivalry between factions Global Risk and Black List. Take on 50 tactically driven squad missions solo or with a buddy in tow, or test your true mettle with up to three other players in Horde Mode.

Sci-fi horror

After the Fall - Complete Edition

Brave a snow-crested wasteland overrun by mutated undead in a grueling sci-fi horror from the creator of Arizona Sunshine. Starting in a camp with 32 other players, emerge from safety and descend into the ravaged wasteland of Los Angeles in search of fuel and supplies to expand mankind's reach and help them survive another day.

Futuristic sports


Journey to a zen-like space beyond space and time - alone or with a friend - in an otherworldly low-gravity sport combining the best of racket sports and block-breaking action. Compete to take home high scores in a synaesthetic universe of striking visuals and ambient electronic soundscapes designed to transport your whole body to another universe. Re-imagined for VR from SEGA's arcade and console classic.

Spooky simulation

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord

We all know bustin' makes you feel good, so strap on the Ghostbusters' legendary Proton Pack and embark on a campaign of gripping ghostly encounters with up to three buddies online. Track down ghouls, spooks and poltergeists running amok in the local neighborhood and work together to restore safety to the city.